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This Blog Has Moved

If you find yourself looking for my Blog, it has moved.  I found I had more flexibility to interact with my Blog followers on Blogspot, so here are my various blogging subjects at Blogspot.  Just click on the title: 1.  Antique Silver, Bronze & Gemstone Jewelry Styles in Yemen, Turkmenia and Ancient Mongolia2.  Polly Ceramica, polymer clay creations with a fashion flair and a folk art flavor.  Lots of interaction with followers.  Places to promote the visitor's comments and photos of their own items.  3.  Facing East Designs, an interactive blog with lots of comments and shared promotions of visitors' items for sale. ... » Read More

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Antique Silver Jewelry of Yemen and TurkmeniaStone and Metal ArtsfacingEASTdesignsPolly Ceramica Hand Sculpted JewelryBactria and Margiana Archeological ArtifactsI no longer write a blog at this location.  Thank you for clicking on my blog tab.  I hope you find one or more of the above listed weblogs interesting.  Anna... » Read More

Polly Ceramica Likes Bangles and Dangles

While I lived in different parts of Asia I learned to appreciate the stack of bangles on a woman's arm as a style and a declaration of status.  After all, it took some usually small amount of money to buy a glass or ceramic bracelet. More affluent women could wear a stack of gold bracelets along their arm.  Because I enjoy wearing stacked bracelets, I also enjoy designing one piece bracelets based on the stacked style as you will see here, or of course, a stack of a couple or three bangles.  The bracelet on display from my studio is a single piece of a stack of bangle shapes.  Since I like dangle earrings to wear with bangle bracelets,... » Read More

Polly Ceramica Likes Clay Artisans of Artfire

We all have artisans and studios that inspire, inform and encourage other artisans in the same field to persevere in our efforts.  I have visited the studios of several accomplished polymer clay artists who have provided tutorials, offered advice, and often surprised me with the variety of polymer clay creations here on Artfire.  From unicorn statues to millefiori beads, Artfire boasts a host of clay artists who know the craft and conceive original designs that make the craft into an art form.  I would offer some examples of the work that I have come across: These very special millefiori beads are handmade by a millefiori master, my fr... » Read More

Polly Ceramica Prepares for Fall Season

Though I had used the modern form of modeling clay for making seal impressions for publication for quite a while, I had not dreamed of actually creating pendants, beads and whole sets of jewelry from the material.  But my work with the Bactria-Margiana bronze stamp seals led me to create bronze metal pieces from polymerized bronze powder bearing the stamped images of the antiquities.  From the work with bronze clay I became attracted to polymerized art clay for making models for my bronze jewelry.  That lured me into exploring the possibility of hand sculpting art clay jewelry from the latest forms of polymer clay, a medium that is both d... » Read More

Polly Ceramica's Studio

Well, it is really just a space in my larger crafts room out in the corner of the barn.  But it does have a small window that sheds north light onto my long counter that was built many years ago to fit my height, just a bit lower than most counters are built.   The counter is level and offers a bit of an overhang to allow my polymer clay rolling machine to be clamped onto it.  I nicked from my husband’s workshop some smooth thick acrylic panels to do my hand rolling and cutting on.  These panels are the real work surface in the space that is already tending to spread over several feet of my crafts room.   Understand that â... » Read More

Blue Morning Expressions in Clay

   Julie creates blue morning expressions in clay.  She describes herself as a freelance writer with a passion for polymer clay, both the beads and polymer clay cane making with more than eight years of experience in polymer clay. Her online shop is Blue Morning Expressions, named after her family’s  bearded collie, Blu Morning.  She enjoys creating finished jewelry and has admirers of her novelty earrings in particular. She has had great success in selling them at arts and crafts shows. Julie is presently living  in Montana for a season or two.   She blogs about her surroundings as well as other subjects and she... » Read More

Stuff Happens in a Kiln

by Anna Garner of CraftsofthePast No matter the high level of technology in electric and electronic kilns of today, there is still the interference of climate and human error to cause bad stuff to happen.  Not bad as in the sense of evil, but bad in the sense of imperfections.  Actually that is the kind of bad that teaches us to improve our methods or our technology.   I have had several Incidents of bad stuff happen to me, so theoretically I should now know better.  Nevertheless, there is always a surprise waiting for me in something that emerges from the bed of charcoal in which my bronze pieces are laid.  One recent incident wa... » Read More

Glass on Fire

by Jo at UmeboshiThere is still some mystery shrouding the intentional making of glass by humans.  It could have been as early as 3000 BCE that some “woman” decided she liked some bit of naturally or accidentally formed glass and began to experiment with fire and sand.   I say “woman” because I happen to be one, and one who happens to also love glass and fire!  Its all about the smooth and shiny, transparent color and sparkle of glass that mesmerizes people, especially women.  I don’t claim to know if there is any scientific evidence that points to a special relationship between women and glass but anecdo... » Read More

Creating Fused Glass Art Pendants

Glass Art Creations by Kellie at ResetarGlassArtThis pendant was made from fused glass clay.  To create this piece, the first step is to mix a fusible fine glass powder with a binder to form a clay-like consistency.  For this pendant, I created three batches of the glass clay - 1 in each color of green, taupe and ivory.  Using my hands, I then mix the three colors together until they are combined enough to have that marbled effect.  Once I like the distribution of the colors, I then use my hands again (no special tools for this technique!) and form the round shape.  A straw works great to make the hole for a ribbon or necklace... » Read More

Salvaging a Silver Pendant OOOOps

How To Ruin A Perfectly Good Piece Of Jewelry…And How To Bring It Back To Lifeby Bobbi Helms When I make jewelry, I tend to futz a lot with it. (Futz is sort of a technical means "play with") And, as sometimes happens, I go overboard and ruin the piece.  Case in point: I had a very nice piece of sterling silver sheet that I cut down to about 1 1/2" x 1". I textured it. I patterned it. I stamped it. I filed it. I punched holes in it. Then I soldered on an oval bezel I had made for a really nice, flashy blue moonstone. All was looking pretty good...but I knew that more had to be done with it. I ended up soldering a sterling sil... » Read More

The Kiln as a Jewelry Designer

With some metals, maybe most, the metal worker who uses a kiln for the metal clay materials now available has to welcome the incidentals that come out of the kiln with the newly fired piece.  Some of the things I have learned to expect especially in working with bronze is the rainbow effect that some pieces will acquire even though they were buried in activated charcoal in order to preserve the golden bronze that I had envisioned coming out of my fast firing kiln.  With bronze I sometimes find a soft gray green patina forming in the deeper lines in the image on the bronze.  When I first got my new fast firing kiln, I had it set too high a... » Read More