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Dark Fashion Photo Project

I recently discovered Yohji Yanagisawa's brand and loved their fashion. It only features black and grey and all fabrics are dyed by hand by the designer himself.I visited their studio and selected several pieces for my next photo project- for some time I had planned a dark fashion photo shoot featuring black as a main colour. I also selected some black/silver jewelry from my own collection (Eenabo Jewelry), and bought a black wig to create the look I was envisioning. I did my black make up by myself after testing two times before that.I worked with talented photographer Ahnick Buhniya who is currently based in Yokohama. The shooting location he su... » Read More

The Gentle Power of Zin Kato

Tokyo Fashion Week last season (October 2015) was as fabulous as we could expect! But there was one particular collection that I was very much impressed with- Zin Kato! I hadn't heard that name before, but yet- it sounded so familiar to me. Simple and powerful! Sophisticated and enchanting. As were the designs I saw. Photo: EenaboLuckily I was seated front row at the show, so I could enjoy from closer the perfect performance of tastefully styled gorgeous models, with designs so feminine and intriguing, grabbing me immediately and making me the greatest fan of the brand! The collection's designs had the feel and charm of the last century's 20s an... » Read More

The Pharaoh of Tokyo

I have always been attracted to textures, natural decay, play of light and shadow and have featured these in many of my art works.I was very excited to discover a truly talented artist who shared this same passion of mine and we decided to collaborate on a photography project where I would be the model. We started planning, Billy provided me with a very detailed description of his ideas about the location, lighting and overall concept. I did self make up and styling featuring some of my leather and pearl pieces. The look I created resembled an Egyptian pharaoh. I was the ruler of the not so gorgeous streets of Tokyo the photographer chose for the ... » Read More

Eenabo Jewelry at International Jewelry Tokyo 2016

Dear Eenabo friends, we are thrilled to announce that we are going to participate in the Largest Jewelry Trade Show in Japan- IJT 2016, 20-23rd January at Tokyo Big Sight!We will present some great new designs and we will surprise you with special prices, fun games, giveaways, sooooo don't miss it!We will are also happy to share the news about our partnership with So Stone and introduce their new product- The Real Marble Case for I phone 6/6S! Stay tuned, more details are coming soon!We are looking forward to seeing you there!... » Read More

Yohji Yanagisawa's Unique Fashion

I met Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yanagisawa at Tokyo Fashion World Expo in April, 2015. He was proudly, yet modestly presenting his unique designs. I was introduced to his work by him and his charming assistant Rei, and I found his creations very intriguing. Here I am meeting them again in their studio in Tokyo, excited to hear more about the designer's creative process, inspirations and craftsmanship.The inspiration of Yohji's work is deeply rooted in Japanese beautiful tradition, and more specifically "wabi-sabi" and Japanese monochrome ink painting. I have only recently discovered where my inspiration comes from. I think, my essential ... » Read More

Tokyo Fashion Week March 2014

I was very lucky to have had gotten an invitation to attend one of the hottest fashion events in the world- Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. Fashion week is fashion festival usually held twice a year in the major cities around the world, and in Tokyo - in March and October. Out of the world's fashion weeks, the one in Tokyo along with those held in Paris, Milan, New York and London are considered as the most popular and influential in the world of fashion! So let me take you through my journey of beauty and magic. I got a press pass for all runways and events within Fashion Week. It was issued me through Miss Tourism World Japan where I was a st... » Read More

Rose Quartz Collection

I have always loved rose quartz crystal! Rose quartz is the stone of love. It attracts love and restores and maintains the harmony in a relationship. Its properties promote all kinds of love including self-love; encourages self- forgiveness and acceptance, invokes self-trust and self-esteem. Rose quartz protects its wearer from negative energy and emotions, and has great healing powers. A while ago, some beautiful rose quartz beads caught my eye, and I bought them even though I had no idea what to create with them and in what color combination. After having them for almost half a year, one day I got inspired to use them and thought of combin... » Read More