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Julie Clark Art Has Moved

MOVING ANNOUNCEMENT: Effective January 2012, I am no longer selling on ArtFire, but will be working to build my own website. Until then... For handmade totes, zip pouches and fiber art pieces, please stop by my shop on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/julieclarkart. For closeouts, discontinued and slightly imperfect items, kindly visit my Bonanza booth: http://www.bonanza.com/booths/JulieClarkArt Both sites are live, and I expect to keep them both for quite some time. If you go to my main blog (www.JulieClarkArt.com), click on the "Where to Find Her Art and Handmade Items" tab for updated shop and show information. And, yep, Au... » Read More

Classic Meets Current in Quilting - and It's Working

It’s a curious thing. The older I am, the more forward thinking I become. Instead of slipping quietly into the backdrop, I’m finding unknown strength to be brave. To step into arenas I rarely dreamt about. To do something courageous.   Well, in the creative world.   See a spider? Hear me scream.   And if my husband’s not home, grab something long and sturdy, and try to “remedy” the eight-legged critter.   While knocking over that pile of mail I hesitated to go through earlier in the day.   Ugh.   And when it comes to dinner time, ... » Read More

Small Placemats?

Why focus on small placemats? Why blog about that thing that sits under your lunch plate, often stained with coffee, tomato sauce, and heaven knows what else? I mean, isn’t that about as interesting as writing home about a stack of napkins from the super store?   Well, maybe. But I wanted to write this post to explain them a little. Here’s why. A few months ago, I was talking to a few people about my studio and mentioned them. They seemed a little perplexed as to why I was making smaller placemats. I explained I am aiming to provide something that can sit on the desk as you work, potentially protecti... » Read More

Julie Clark Art has Expanded!

Julie Clark Art began it's first eCommerce appearance right here on ArtFire.com in 2010. Since then, not only has my product line gone through changes, which is typical for a new business, but I've expanded to other places, as well. And that's exciting, good news! In such difficult economic times, growth, no matter the rate, is encouraging! One benefit to expanding where Julie Clark Art items are found is that you have a greater selection to choose from! If you haven't quite found what you are looking for here, but want something similar, head on over to my Etsy shop. Still not what you are looking for? Try Happiness and Whimsy, right here on A... » Read More

Do You Know Autism, or Do You Know Autism?

JulieClarkArt.com, A long, long time ago, I studied French. I took it for many years, ending up with a Minor Studies degree in it. Do I remember any? Un peu. And that’s about it. Well, not really. I can read it pretty well, but speaking it has become increasingly difficult. Over the years, I’ve discovered several words that just do not translate well into English. Words I wish we had in my native language, and which I translate (to French) in my own mind from time to time. Two of those words = one word in English. The English? “To know.” The French? “Co... » Read More

Thread Painting, One Artist's Thoughts

I love painting. I love quilting. (Now, the jury is out as to whether the feeling is mutual!) This past year I discovered a way to combine the two - thread painting (sometimes considered thread sketching). But when I've mentioned to the nearest unsuspecting person my latest artistic endeavor, I'm usually greeted with a contorted face, as well as the word, "huh?" I mean, really, you can't with thread. It's not like it comes in a tube. It's not like it's wet. Unless I spill my latte all over it. (Then again, that's considered a natural way to dye fibers, right?) There are official definitions for thread painting and thread... » Read More

Ten Quilting Rules that Would Drive Granny Crazy

Considering myself both a traditional and an art quilter, it took a little while to understand that most classic quilting rules need to be thrown out in order for me to create art quilts.   (But if I’m making a quilt for the table or to cuddle under, those good ol’ rules still apply.)   Never measure before you cut. Skip cutting sometimes, and just rip the fabric into strips. Always keep coffee or tea next to your sewing machine. (Sloshes can add beauty.) Never use a pattern unless you make it yourself (unless the pattern itself is part of the quilt). Wonk... » Read More