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Red Clog Slippers

Today I decided I will wrk on these wool felt clogs.  Though they look like they would fit the jolly green giant when they are done they will fit a woman's size six foot.  It was so nice today I almost worked on them outside.  I've got a bad case of spring fever!... » Read More

Happy Saint Patricks Day

Happy Saint Patricks Day!  The concert "Celtic Women Believe" was totally awesome.  What energy and the dresses were beautiful. Their music is totally uplifting and oh what voices.  The little violinist was truly a delight to hear and watch perform.  She flits around the stage dancing and twirling and never misses a beat. What a wonderful way to ring in Saint Patricks Day. ... » Read More

The Four Irish Ladies

Today I will start celebrating Saint Patricks Day.  I will be going to see Four Irish Ladies in concert.  Happy Saint Patricks Day weekend to all.... » Read More

Baseball Cap Lovers Keep Toasty With This Earflap Cover

Do you ever want to wear your favorite baseball cap but it's way to cold.  I wear mine in the coldest weather by adding this baseball cover over it.  You simply put the cover onto the brim of your hat pull the back portion down and your ready to go.  This earflap baseball cover can be ordered in the color of your choice. It is perfect to wear to outdoor sporting events.  If you have any questions or comments I would appreciate your feedback.  It can be ordered at the link below! » Read More

Knit Felt Slippers On Broadway

Never in my wildest dreams when I started knitting these felt slippers did I think they would be worn in a Broadway Show.  The show "The Road To Mecca" staring Rosemary Harris opened in January. I was so excited and nervous, hoping that they would meet all of their expectations.  Thankfully they loved them and ordered another pair for the understudy.  Here is a picture of  Rosemary Harris wearing them.If you have something you absolutely love doing follow your dreams and see what it might lead to.    ... » Read More