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A new printer

I finally took the plunge and bought a new printer I decided on the Epson R2880 the quality is amazing especially on my Somerset Enhanced Satin Paper I can't wait to purchase some rolls of the paper so I can offer archival (Guaranteed for 65 years) prints in my stores, so keep an eye out for them!I haven't really been up to a great deal online this week as I have been concentrating on completing my piece for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition I can show you the piece but I can tell you it's a Mountain Gorilla and is named "Fading" I will show you it as soon as I can.Now that is completed and entered I should be able... » Read More

A New Year

Well this year has to be the year that my artwork finally starts to make enough money to support me, as I’m struggling with being a Mum, Part time receptionist and an artist! I decided that it was time to get organised in order to achieve this, so armed with my new iPad (Thank you hubby x) I downloaded a fantastic app called treed it’s super cute and so easy to use, I have nearly fully stocked my Artfire store due to this app, and have now got all my projects in one place rather than on several hundred pieces of paper (which I inevitably loose!) you can view this amazing bit of wizardry (I say wizardry as I think lit... » Read More