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Handwriting Jewelry for Men. One-of-a-kind design

If you want to get a truly unique jewelry piece for your image, it comes to personalized jewelry. This gives you an opportunity to become a co-creator of a piece choosing the focal point of the design - an engraving. What to engrave, it's up to your mood and style. This can just become a regular ID piece with initials, names or some personal information engraved. But this can also become a piece to motivate and inspire, if engraved with a quotation that gives you energy and motivation, or with your motto.But if you get a personalized bracelet or necklace, there is still a chance that there will be someone else having a similar jewelry. Do you want... » Read More

Birthday gift for Friend

Your friend's birthday is soon and you don't know what interesting to choose. Then here are some ideas for you. Choose and surprise! Handmade leather belt The smell of natural leather inspires real. Since the time of cowboys this truly men's accessory will add a distinctive touch to any look.Set for cocktailsIs your friend is a master in making cocktails or want to learn the art, give him a classic cocktail set. Surely you will be the first one he will invite to taste new cocktails.WeaponYou may find an artisan handmade knife or a gun that would be the best gift for a hunter or just lover of unique weapon. Practical courses in a shooting will al... » Read More

Unique Gift Ideas for Your Hero. Presents for Boyfriend

Is it time to choose the next fine gift for him? Here are some ideas for you to pick up from. - It's a fact, that men cook well. Does your man as well? If yes, a cookbook would be a nice gift! Doesn't he? Than it could also be the motivation to start! Give him a book with simple yet tasty recipes. Both he and you will enjoy the result!- If we started with food theme, let us be honest and mention, that all men like to eat tasty. So here are some things that will add taste to his day. A burr coffee grinder raises the quality of the coffee. He will drink his coffee every day and feel the taste of your love and care.Wine from a special collection. We... » Read More

Create Your Unique Image of Personalized Style

Fashion has been always dictating how to look, what is considered stylish or not. But today more and more people understand that fashionable and stylish is first of all that what suits personally you, and most important - what helps you to feel harmony and confidence. Each of us is a personality. Our personality is reflected in what we do, but not only. Your personal image - is an integral component of who you are. Each of us can become the artist of the personal image.To add some unique features to the style, you should first think about what is important and most valuable for you, what would you like to emphasize and show off, and what to carry ... » Read More

Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys

Valentine's Day comes to ladies with chocolates and flowers, tender pearl jewelry, and a dinner at an expensive restaurant. But when it comes to the ladies to choose a gift for their sweethearts, they may have some problems, cause it's rather difficult to choose something romantic for him and at the same time practical as men like.Here are some ideas for you to be ready for the next Valentine's Day.1. The easiest way to see his smile is to give him something connected with his hobby thus if he's fond of fishing or hiking, he will appreciate a growler keeping the liquids ice cold or keeping hot drinks hot for more than 24 hours. A new rucksack or s... » Read More

Guide to Wearing Jewelry for Men

Sometimes jewelry you wear send signals you are not aware of. Jewelry is certainly an important part of your visual message, even if you don't want it to play the role. Here are some rules for you so that you can better control the signals you share.  1. Keep your Style Simple. Don't overdo with the accessories. One two pieces at once are enough. If you're choosing a jewelry piece to wear it all the time, e.g. watch, choose a classic one.  2.  Match Accessories and Match MetalsYour jewelry should feature one metal tone only at a time. Gold is a warm metal, it goes well with accessories and wear in brown and other earth tones, as well as with de... » Read More

How to Choose a Jewelry Gift

If you don't know, what gift to choose, there is always an universal solution - a fine jewelry gift. And if it reflects the personal style and interests of the person, it may become the best gift ever! First, choose a category of jewelry, then you'll find the gift easier and faster. Thus, necklaces and bracelets can become the thing you need to any occasion. Choose earrings or a ring is more difficult, cause here you should take the design and size into cosideration, as well as to make sure, what kind of earrings the person prefers. Taking into consideration the individual style of the person, your choice have more chances to meet the taste.If y... » Read More

Necklaces: facts you didn't know before

Necklace is a jewelry piece that has a long long history... First necklaces were made thousands of years ago. In Africa there was found a necklace, 75 000 old. In that time necklaces were created of stones, teeth, bones and shells. After 2500 BC people began to use precious metals for decorations making, as well as colored stones, copper and various metals.Some nations left a great treasure that tells much about the culture. Thus Greeks during the reign of Alexander in the Greek empire created necklaces and other jewelry that still stays precious and unique. The ancient Romans had rules for wearing jewelry. Severel classes only were allowed to we... » Read More

Colors of Autumn Men's Fashion

Some tips for men to look stylish this autumn! Autumn is a good time to move away from grey, black or brown hues. Don't be afraid of some bright eye-catching colors! A bright jumper will look great with jeans - it's a well-known fact. Let's speak about some other lovely colors that are coming to trend rignt now!Except of bold colours pay attention to pastel shades and rich deep tones.Pink shades.The time when pink was considered for girls only has gone. Dusty pink garments look great in men's wear. A suit in a dusty pink with lavender trousers and a beige t-shirt look modern and will certainly make a statement.Coral patterns are also used by desig... » Read More

Must Have Accessories for Guys This Holiday Season

The coolest accessories for men the holiday season. A weekend sporty-looking watch.Choose a new durable sporty-looking watch that you can pair with jeans, and other casual clothes. It's summer, so don't be afraid of experimenting. You may choose colorful ones to make a statement! Cufflinks.This is the accessory that is the sign of class and taste. Choose some new ones. Thre is a wide range of the accessory not for the formal wear only, but for casual shirts as well. Sunglasses.A new pair of glasses is one of the accessories that can emphasize your style best. Choose the pair that suits your appearance perfectly. If you want to try somethi... » Read More

Wedding Rings for Men

Today a wedding ring for men doesn't mean a traditional flat gold wedding band only. There is a wide range of men's wedding rings in different styles. So take some time to choose the ring you will wear for the rest of your life. Here are the best modern trends to your attention.Personalized Wedding Rings You may order to customize the ring as you want. Order to engrave your name, the initials of yours and your loved one or the wedding date. It's better to avoid matte finishes that show scratches. You may also choose the ring with some decorative details and gemstones.Diamonds for Men?Wedding rings for men with gemstones have made the way from u... » Read More

Some Style Rules for Men to Note

Be stylish every day! Be stylish in every detail! Here are some useful tips for you to keep in mind! 1. Wear your best clothes right now!Many men wait for that appropriate moment for wearing their best clothes long...sometimes too long. But don't wait. There are no occasions that aren't suitable for looking well. If you want to be stylish, complement your style and then keep it everywhere every day! You should just get in the habit of wearing your best clothes regardless of an occasion. Choose the clothes that look good on you and don't keep them for the better time that will never come. You can say, that the main thing for you is feeling comfo... » Read More

Style Rules for Men To Live By

It’s not easy to create universal rules for all men. Of course, it all depends on the situation, culture etc. Here are some rules that can be taken as an example for making your personal style. Sometimes it can take much time for experimentation, but if you're ready, here is a great starting place.For a video summary of my 10 style rules for men – click here!1. Attitude.It's the starting point. If you want to look well, you must care how you look. Attitude is very important, both in style and in life. If you don't care how you look, you can't improve nor your wardrobe or anything else.2. Don’t Be Afraid to Be a Leader. When... » Read More

Celtic Jewelry and Symbols

Celts were an ethno-linguistic group of tribal societies who lived in Europe and Asia between 2500 BC-500 AD. Some traditions of their rich culture are still used by artists all over the words, by jewelry designers as well. The celtic symbols are both beautiful and meaningful and give enough material for imagination. Celtic jewelry features excellent jewelry craftsmanship. Celts produced jewelry such as rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants mostly of gold, silver, and bronze. Here are some celtic symbols used for jewelry designs from the times of Celts till today. Celtic symbols are surrounded with mysteries and are believed to have a secre... » Read More
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