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Where do Sea Glass Marbles come from?

      There are several theories about where these rare finds come from including: 1)      Children tossed marbles in the ocean as a “lucky penny” or used them in slingshots to shoot at birds and other animals. I sometimes find marbles in ocean side campground areas in Northern California amongst the rocks where kids likely used to play slingshot and other marble games. 2)      Painters used marbles to help mix their paint and then threw them away in the trash (which found its way to the ocean). 3)      Marbles may also have been used for ballast in ships as they needed the weig... » Read More

How long does it take sea glass to form?

The answer varies depending on the amount of wave action and the  type of beach.  On the average, though, it can take forty to fifty years for a piece of broken glass to be rounded and frosted, thus turning into real sea glass. However, if there is no wave action or if the beach is a flat sandy beach, a piece of glass may never turn into real sea glass.   On the other hand is there is a lot of wave action and the beach has many small rocks and pebbles to help tumble the glass the time may be much shorter. This decades long process hydrates the glass to create a frosty surface, often times with little bubbles or half circl... » Read More