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Stock up on Christmas Cards at 25% Off Regular Prices!

Stock up on Christmas cards for 2015!  All Nature Loft Art cards are on sale at 25% off the regular price. Cards are available as singles, sets of five, and sets of ten.  The individual price per card is better for buying cards by the pack.Our black on ivory cards go back to a simpler time before colored foil, embossing, and gold leaf.  The old-style illustrations feature cute animals in unique settings, such as this kitten who climbed into Santa's boot for a nap (below).  Or the card that features the little pup who decided to push his way into the family's nativity stable (above).        Some cards have a whimsical ... » Read More

Beach Sand Painting – New Prototype Complete

The Beach Sand Painting recently has gone through a bit of alteration to accomodate a new frame size and style.  It is bigger and better!  The proto type will be listed by Monday, April 28th.  Please take a look and tell me what you think by commenting below!Additionally, there will be two new listings for Baby Sand Paintings, and a smaller tile design that will be listed at the same time.  I can't wait to list these paintings!  I exhibited them at an art show today, and had many positive comments from visitors that included the words, "beautiful!," "unique," "never seen anything like it before!," and "affordable."  So please che... » Read More

Beach Sand Painting – A Bit Like Spring

The Beach Sand Painting has been a bit like spring has been, here in the Northeast.  You think it has finally come because a warm sunshiny day arrives, and then the next day, the frost of winter is back with snow and ice!Just when I thought I had found the perfect frame for my beach sand paintings, I also found it was discontinued when I tried to place my order! Well, I found some frames that I can work with, but they are a slightly different size than I used for my original Beach Sand Paintings. (See the Nature Loft Art gallery to view the originals.)  I will be making the prototype for the new Beach Sand Painting and re-listing it soon. Â... » Read More

Beach Sand Painting – "Ship is Coming In!"

I wanted to give everyone an update about the Customized Beach Sand Painting with name personalization.  I was unable to find a supply of shadowbox frames in the right dimensions and/or quality that I use for these paintings.  Finally, I think the "ship is coming in" for these paintings! I have found a frame available that I believe I can use, however I will have to alter the design slightly.  I will also need to add a piece to the frame to accomodate the shells that are on the inside of the glass. When I get all the materials in, I will make a prototype, and post a listing for this different frame type.  Please keep your eye on the... » Read More

Beach Sand Painting Sold Out?

The Customized Beach Sand Painting is temporarily sold out.  I sold the last one that I have available with the frame and mat that are pictured.Unfortunately, I have had difficulty finding a shadowbox frame that is the same as this, that I can work with.  I have found something very similar, and I am working on how I can adapt my design, or see if I can get it customized to suit my needs.The frames that I have are assembled of separate parts.  Everything is removable, so if the glass were to break, you could replace it.  If the names were not permanent, that part could come out, and you could use it as a frame for something else with o... » Read More

Change of Seasons Bring a Change of Prices!

The seasons have changed, and as we see the leaves change our vistas into brilliantly colorful, natural paintings, Nature Loft Art turns over a new leaf!  Most prices have been dropped 20-55% off the regular prices.  We hope that in this difficult economy, this will help make purchases more affordable.  With the approaching holidays, every little bit helps!Browse the shop.  New items will be posted in the coming months. Change is in the air!  Enjoy the autumn season, and check out all the ArtFire shops have in store.... » Read More

New Ornament Listings

As promised, five new ornament designs have been listed for sale.  All the ornaments are available for free shipping. Go to the ornament section in the studio, and check them out! Due to a family emergency, I am unable to get the additional two designs posted in time for the holiday.  Enjoy getting your holiday shopping done, or perhaps started, depending on whether you are a procrastinator or not!  If you are the latter, and need express shipping, email and let me know.  I will discount express shipping by the amount of the cost of regular shipping.  Thank you for following the studio throughout the first year, and hope you will c... » Read More

New Ornaments Are Finally Making Their Debut for 2012!

            I am putting the finishing touches on new ornaments for this Christmas.  Currently, I have five new designs, and another two more designs ready to create!  These designs are sand painted and feature natural seashells and feathers.              Some of the ornaments have a Native American influence, and will appeal to those who appreciate the culture of our first Americans.  Other ornaments are mainly sand and natural seashells, and will appeal to those who enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature provided at our lovely beaches.  All ornaments have nature lovers in m... » Read More

Cyber Monday is Finally Here!

Cyber Monday is a day that many of us look forward to. We anxiously await the special deals offered on this day. As the years pass, more of us are relying on the Internet to provide a source for gifts during this special holiday season. Last night, Nature Loft Art was busy setting up a couple of additional deals to add to the 25% off that was offered for the entire Black Friday weekend.  NLA is offering FREE SHIPPING for the entire day!  Also, anyone who has an order $75 or over, will receive an additional $10 off the total.  Use the following coupon code at checkout to get the discount: CYBERSPECIAL10. Thank you all for viewing the ... » Read More

Nature Loft Art Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday is fast approaching!  I can barely believe the Christmas shopping season is upon us.  Black Friday is behind us, as well as the big turkey feast. I hope everyone has worked up an appetite for some fine holiday specials! Everything in the shop is currently 25% off for the entire weekend, starting with Black Friday. I have something in mind for Cyber Monday, but you will have to wait until Monday to get the surprise deals. Hopefully, I'll see you back in the studio on Cyber Monday!... » Read More

As this Moon Rises, Another Halloween Night Unfurls

As the moon rises tonight, I hope everyone has had the chance to carve their pumpkins!  On Halloween night, jack-o-lanterns were sometimes carved and lit so they could be placed in the windows to scare away evil spirits and demons. We had time last night to carve our pumpkins, since we were home due to the historic, Hurricane Sandy.  It gave us something to do after being stuck indoors all day. I had six faces I designed that are listed in the Nature Loft Art shop to illustrate my previous blog, "Simple, Creative Pumpkin Carving."  My son chose one design, and my husband chose the other. I think they did a very good job! (see below) We s... » Read More

Simple, Creative Pumpkin Carving

Halloween is a wonderful holiday for stretching your creative muscles!  Creating costumes, making special treat bags, and decorating your home can be a lot of fun.  There are so many things available to turn your happy, bright, and cheery home into a frightening, eerie showplace.  Pumpkins are a favorite item traditionally used to help create a special Halloween mood.  There are countless ready-made items available for Halloween decorating and costumes today.  To my knowledge, there is no such thing as a ready-made jack-o-lantern, unless you choose an artificial one.  As busy as we are in our everyday lives, some of us would lik... » Read More

Gifts That Will Make Dad Happy on Father's Day!

Father's Day is fast approaching! It seems like a lot of fuss is made for Mom on her special day, but let's face it, she couldn't do it without Dad! Showing your father how much you appreciate his contribution and attention to you over the years is so important.  And just like Mom, he'll appreciate whatever gift you present, but it would be nice to give him something unexpected, if not extraordinary to show you care.  You can add some zeal to the typical gifts for Dad by either grouping them together as a package, choosing something related with a different twist, or combining it with something that adds value to it. Approaching it in one o... » Read More

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is quickly approaching! My mother was famous for always saying, "You don't need to get me anything!"  Of course, I always felt like I wanted to get her something. She did so much for me, she deserved it, and I wanted to show her how much I appreciated her.  No gift could ever compare to the caring and love a mother gives to her children, yet we still wonder what would Mom like that is unique and exceptional like she is? Being a mother myself, I know that mom's enjoy keepsakes that inspire memories. Pictures are important visuals that show us how things never stay the same. I am always amazed at how small we all are as we sta... » Read More

Earth Day Spawns Biggest Nature Loft Sale Yet!

In honor of Earth Day, Sunday, April 22nd, Nature Loft Art announces the biggest discounts yet on everything in the shop! As an advocate of taking care of our environment, and as a friend to flora and fauna, it seems like a great time to offer a spectacular sale!  Celebrate our beautiful natural world, and make a commitment to being a good steward of the earth.  Be it a newly inspired commitment, or a renewal of a past interest in conserving God's great gift to us all, let Earth Day spark action toward pursuit of a healthy planet that we can all share!Nature Loft's Earth Day Sale will be in effect to help honor another special holiday, Mothe... » Read More

Personalized Beach Sand Painting Unveiled

I recently unveiled my newest sand painting, a personalized beach scene! So many people really love the beach, so it's a very popular theme for weddings and also home decor. Personalizing a gift gives it a special connection, which makes this new item a great gift idea for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, or housewarmings.This is an exclusive design that I created for the beach lover in each of us! I wanted to simulate the experience of the waves swirling at your feet as you walk through the wet sand. Shells scattered on the sand, complete the scene.The names shown display an example of how it can be personalized for a wedding, anniversary... » Read More
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