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Metal Ribbon Flower Done for Foldforming May Challenge

Another piece of jewelry done for a challenge. This time it was Foldforming Central May Challenge. The theme was Flower/Botanical. Check out what other artists made for the Flower challenge.I couldn't decide what to make but on last minute I got this idea to revisit my metal ribbon technique. Basically I gathered a thin sheet of metal like I would on fabric ribbon. It's fun and the result is always unique.It started with a scalloped circle that I sawed out of brass.Then I cut a million of copper wire, ok 2 dozens, and balled them and then stick them through holes on my metal and solder them. Same technique I used to make the fencing on Earthlin... » Read More

Jewelry Challenge for Earth Day 2014

Celebrating Earth Day, one of the jewelry groups had a challenge to create jewelry using scraps. Recycle, reuse, upcycle, whatever the term is, the jewelry creation must retain the integrity of the scraps. That's how Earthling was born.I built a scenery out of scraps. The heart tree and the backplate were cut outs from a couple of my Popnicute Hearts pieces. The cloud lines were leftovers from punching out disks. The fencing, wire border, and clasps were also from scrap wire. It was a fun project. The ceramic beads were mostly orphan beads too.This is how my scrap bin looked like.These are the scraps that I carefully picked out of my scrap b... » Read More

Day 15 Zero to Video Hero Challenge - Happy Metalsmith Dance

The very LAST DAY of Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Video Challenge! OMG!! I'm officially a Z2VH alumni now! If you asked me at the end of the first day of doing this challenge, I'd laugh at the idea of completing the challenge! It took me hours to get useful takes and then half a day to have a useful video. But I've grown a fondness to the camera and I don't afraid of it anymore. Anyone's thinking of doing a video should totally do this series of video challenges.The last task we had to do was to do a graduation dance. I chose the song of the year, the ever popular song Happy by Pharrell Williams. It's a nice happy song. Watch me lip-syncing and danci... » Read More

Day 14 Zero to Video Hero Challenge - Kharisma Report 2

The last video before closing the curtain tomorrow. Day 14 of Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Video Challenge reporting the progress. Included footages from Day 1 - 14. This has been fun! See you tomorrow and please subscribe to my channel :)This movie also got its own set of challenges. As you can see below, I sped up my tracks in iMovie. Apparently, it really hates 150% (faster) speed. My voice and my action were out of sync in the exported video. I finally put everything in 120% faster and the ending footages in 400% slower. Still messed up. After I normalized the footage where my husband say something about "let me ", it finally exported as it sh... » Read More

Day 13 Zero to Video Hero - Popnicute Answers Your Questions

After the whole day fighting with iMovie, I finally got this baby finished. Ohemgeee... What a tiring day! iMovie didn't export my movie correctly and I couldn't import it back in. The use of green screen requires exporting and importing several times. After hours of frustration, I found out that it didn't like chapter marker (yeah, Google!). So I deleted the chapter marker and finally got this one finished, only a day late. It was totally not my fault, I'm gonna blame it on the number 13 :P #sarcasmDay 13 of Zero to Video Hero and I'm answering questions from Popnicute's customers and fans. I hope you like the video and please subscribe!Like Popn... » Read More

Day 12 Zero to Video Hero - Popnicute and Sale Coupon

We're getting to know about Popnicute and its product on Day 12 of Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Video Challenge. COUPON CODE INSIDE to celebrate a nearly 3,000 likes on facebook. Don't miss it!!! Shop at http://popnicute.com. 20% off Today through Sunday! 4 Days only. Like Popnicute on facebook http://facebook.com/popnicuteSteven Sommers, my husband, is a guest star and co-writer. Isn't he charming? (A totally unbiased comment over there) ;)... » Read More

Day 11 Zero to Video Hero - Top 5 Metalsmithing Tools

Hello to Day 11 of Zero to Video Hero Challenge! In today's video I'm talking about my Top 5 Metalsmithing Tools I can't live without.I love metalsmithing and there are certain tools that are like live savers for me. They all have their own functions that made them special.The list is as the following, not necessarily in that order.1. Knew Concept jeweler saw.2. Stepped round nose pliers (Bail shaping pliers).3. Fretz hammers.4. Foredom flexshaft5. Torches: Butane and EZ Torch.Watch the video to hear my reasons why do I like these tools so much!PS: I have no affiliations with any of the brands or website that I linked you here. I just love their p... » Read More

Day 10 Zero to Video Hero - Book Recommendation

I've always loved books and read a lot of them since I was little. After school hours, I curled up in bed for hours reading; from manga to novels like chick lit, romantic novels, and Harry Potter. I also learned about jewelry techniques and other crafts a lot from books. Computer has taken over my life and I have to admit books are not as interesting as they used to be for me but from time to time, I still take some times to read them. Here's my Day 10 Zero to Video Hero video and I'm giving you a book recommendation.Find out what books I love to read in the video below. Make sure to subscribe to Popnicute Channel on YouTube as well :)How about... » Read More

Day 9 Zero to Video Hero - Accomplishment

On Day 9 Zero to Video Hero, we're talking about Accomplishment. In this video titled Mission Possible, I talked about my proudest moments both in personal life and business wise.Watch it in the video below and subscribe to Popnicute channel on YouTube.It's hard to pick a few for the videos because I have lots of them. Like that moment when I succeeded in making the Indonesian Steamed Cakes that a lot of people have failed that there is a known term "" to blame. And they tasted good too! Mmmmm.. Yummy! The key is to have everything in room temperature and mix the egg and sugar until super fluffy before adding everything else.The Japanese Steamed C... » Read More

Day 8 Zero to Video Hero - Upcoming Events

On today's task, I'm talking about upcoming events that I look forward to. Day 8 of Zero to Video Hero got a cheerful and colorful video :3 I'll be attending a concert with mega stars. w00t! I'm excited! I've been waiting for it for months now. Also my art jewelry will be featured in three jewelry magazines! Find out whose concert it is and what magazine my jewelry will be in in the video below and subscribe to Popnicute Channel on YouTube ;)As always, I'm open for feedback on what to improve in my videos. ... » Read More

Day 7 Zero to Video Hero - Kharisma Reports

In Day 7 of the challenge, we're told to report our progress. How are we doing so far? Do you feel like you're making any progress? It does feel a lot easier each day passing by. I'm able to talk faster and take lesser shots. Getting involved in this Zero to Video Hero Challenge was serendipitous.I tell it all in this episode of Kharisma Report. Don't forget to subscribe to Popnicute Channel on YouTube to get updates straight into your email inbox :)Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions on how to improve my videos. Thank you for watching!!... » Read More

Day 6 Zero to Video Hero - Award Acceptance Speech

Day 6 Zero to Video Hero theme was Thankfulness. When I heard about the word , my mind flies to those award ceremony acceptance speeches, where everyone who won an award obviously say thank you to the people involved. Lately, everyone had been raving Lupita Nyong'o's speech, the words she said when she received her first Oscar as Best Performer for her role as Patsey in 12 Years A Slave. I was inspired to make a parody of it. I even had a dress in a similar cut to match her gorgeous blue Prada dress and a similar crystal encrusted headband I wore on my wedding day.Photo courtesy of Us Magazine.So here's my award acceptance speech for the Sup... » Read More

Day 5 Zero to Video Hero - Things I Like About Myself

In Day 5 Zero to Video Hero I talked about 3 Things I Like About Myself. I suppose this topic was about self love. Is self love equals narcissism? LOL. My husband helped with this one. He's such a sweetheart.Am I a cat or a baby? Watch in the video below :3Editing still takes forever but I did less takes now! Yay! Progress!! Practice makes perfect :)... » Read More

Day 4 Zero to Video Hero - Inspiration

I'm proud of myself for getting this far. I've been doing this Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Video Challenge in four consecutive days. It's a big commitment to me. I thought after the first one I'd drop out. But here I am still going strong.Today's challenge is to tell the world who or what inspires us.Find out in the video who/what inspires me. The camera is no longer as scary as it was. We're becoming friends. Wish me luck to finish the challenge with a bang. I think this video is my favorite so far. I mean... look at those abs! ;)Also, Holly Sugrue was my life saver. She introduced me to the use of mole skin to wrap the microphone head to reduce th... » Read More

Day 3 Zero to Video Hero - Quotesperation

Day 3 Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Challenge's theme is "Quotesperation". What is Quotesperation? It's quotes that inspire. Watch the video to see what kind of quotes that inspire me.I also talked about my involvement in Ganoksin's 4th Annual International Online Jewelry Exhibition. It's an honor to be included! Read about it here.Popnicute to Appear in Ganoksin's 4th Annual Online Exhibition: "Changing Hues"I ran into a problem while recording this video. Some video goofs that I need to solve is to how can I get a clear sound while wearing my microphone. I think the previous video had better sound because I was sitting down thus not much movement on... » Read More

Day 2 Zero to Video Hero - Reasons

I made it! Just barely but I did it! I made my second video to the Zero to Video Hero 15 Day Challenge! In this video I voiced my reasons why I'm doing this challenge. This time it was a little faster to make. Just spent the last 3 hours to shoot and edit the videos. Please give me your feedback.Also find a little surprise inside! ;)... » Read More
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