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Mosquito repellent

I am working on some candles with a strong citronella scent.  Along with the citronella scent, I combined some lemon and eucalyptus scent.  The lemon scent is to tone down the citronella scent.  Eucalyptus and citronella are known for the mosquito repellent properties.  If anyone is going to spend time outdoors, these candles would be great to have.  ... » Read More


I have been busy making some candles and experimenting with different scents that I have made.  I have not used all the scents I have made, but plan to in the next few days/weeks.  I am also planning on making more scents and even more candles.  One of the more recent scents I made is rose lilac.  This is a very interesting scent.  It has the soft and delicate scent of the rose and the strong scent of the lilac.  It is just like a spring day with all the windows open and the wind is softly blowing the smells of spring throughout the house.Some of the other scents that I have made are watermelon coconut, strawberry apple, spiced a... » Read More

New candles

I just posted some new candles in some new scents and shapes.  I have also posted some tarts/melts.  The candles and the tarts/melts have the scents of peppermint patty, lilac carnation, spearmint cinnamon and orange peach.  One new shape of candle I posted is a cone shaped candle.  I am selling two of them in a set.  The next shapes I am planning on posting are a diamond taper candle, a star and a pyramid.  I am hoping to have them posted today.  They have the orange peach scent.  The tarts/melts are about 1oz and are in the shape of a flower.  There will be 5 to a set of tarts/melts.  They have the lilac carnation, ... » Read More

New Molds

I recently submitted an order for some new molds.  I think having something besides round, square and octagon will give a better selection.  I purchased a cone, diamond, star, pyramid and some more egg candle molds.  I think the cone shaped candles would be good for Christmas scents because it would look similar to a Christmas tree.  The diamond is a taper candle and I know some people like taper candles over pillars or votives.  The star and the pyramid will make some interesting looking candles as well.  I have an egg mold that I like, but I only have one so if it is in use, I can't use it until the candle is done.  I plan o... » Read More

Hazelnut Coffee scented candle

I recnelty made some hazelnut coffee scented candles.  I am waiting for them to cool so I can take them out of the molds.  I am anxious to see how they turned out.  I tried to get a color close to what a cup of coffee would look like.  I am hoping I did.  I mixed some black coloring and some brown coloring.  I didn't want the color to be really dark black and look more like mud than coffee so I added the brown to try to tone the black down.  I didn't want to add any white because I was afraid it would turn more grey than black.    I do know the candles smell very nice.  The scent has been filling my basement for a ... » Read More

Working on my shop

I have been working on some of the descriptions in my shop.  I have changed some, added more details and tried to make the descriptions better.  I tried to describe some of the scents better and  to make them more appealing.  It's very hard to update some of the descriptions for the scents.  There are just so many ways you can describe a scent such as strawberry, blueberry or pumpkin pie.  I have looked up the ingredients and spices used in things such as pumpkin pie and tried to describe them along with the scent.  I don't know if this will work good or not.  The colors of the candles are a little easier to describe.  T... » Read More

Green Tea and Lemongrass candle

Tonight I made a green tea and lemongrass candle.  It is in a little flower pot.  I thought this would be something unique to make and sell.  There  aren't many candles out there like this.  The candle is inside a little plastic flower pot in a nice light terra cotta.  The color of the candle is a green color, which isn't really dark, but isn't really light either.  It's a happy medium.  I am hoping to have this listed in the next day or two.... » Read More

Featured on a blog

I received an email today that someone would like to feature my candles in their blog.  I have never been featured before in a person's blog.  I'm a little excited.  I am hoping this will help in sales.  I have to write a little blurb about my candles and shop.  I don't know what to write to make it sound really good.  I also don't know which candle to feature.  Should it be a newer listed one?  Should it be one that was listed awhile ago?  I don't know which one to select.  I want it to be the best looking one, to show the quality of my candles.  Deciding which one may take a day or two.... » Read More

Sold an item

I sold another candle.  I hope it is liked a lot.  I am hoping this is the start of something good.  I would like to be able to pay off some bills with the money I make from selling crafts.  Don't get me wrong, I like making the candles, sewing, etc.  I would also like to make some profit from it too.  Is that bad to be wanting to do?... » Read More

Adding new items

I have been working on adding more and more items to my studio.  I have been a little slow on adding some as I have been experimenting with scents and colors.  I want to make some uniquely scented candles.  Something that is not always found in the stores.  I also want these candles to be strong so the scent will give a good throw and would be able to be smelled throughout the room.  I have also been working on mixing the colors together to get different colors.  Just like the scents, I want them to be unique and something you can't find in the stores.  These candles are also handmade and not massed produced like the candles s... » Read More

New items listed

I recently listed some new items.  They are orange scented candles.  I have a square candle, round candle and octagon candle.  They are a beautiful orange color.  The orange scent is very strong, like fresh picked oranges.  I also have some pecan pie scented candles to list.  The scent is strong.  Without lighting them, the scent can fill a room.  The color is a light brown/tan color.  I am planning on working on some other candles, just not sure of which scent to make next.  I need to replenish my egg candles.  I had some, but my husband sent them to his aunt for Christmas.  ... » Read More

The New Year

It is the start of the new year.  I am going to try to increase the inventory in my shop.  I want to have a variety of scents, shapes and candles.  I am also working on trying to get some designs painted or printed on the candles for special occasions such as Valentines day, Mother's day, Memorial Day, etc.  I am also going to work on the pictures and descriptions.  I think they need some work, but I'm not good at describing things.  I am hoping this will help in selling some items.  I get lots of views, but very little sells.... » Read More

Back to blogging

I have been away from blogging on artfire for awhile.  I have been working on my other blog where I post items, collections and just posts.  I am working on redoing my shop.  I changed my name by starting a new shop.  I have retaken some pictures and have more to take and post.  There are some pictures already taken that need to be redone.  They have a red background which doesn't work too well.  I have a lot of candles for the Christmas season.  Some of the scents I have are Christmas Hearth, blue spruce, pecan pie (coming soon), mistletoe and I'm working on Christmas tree scented candles.  I am hoping to have them up s... » Read More