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This is a shower curtain I recently made for a customer who was decorating a cabin. She sent me some of the fabric and asked for a log cabin design. I was very happy to oblige. During the process, I was able to send her images of the patterns I had in mind, so that she could OK them and choose between variations. We were both pleased with the results.In my own home decorating forays, I have often found things that were almost  perfect, but the color wasn't exactly what I wanted, or the size wasn't quite right. The beauty of buying handmade online is that you can often contact the artist and ask for exactly what you want. Through the magic o... » Read More

Tips for Mailing Fabric Postcards

I love to make mailable quilts. Yes, you read me right. Mailable quilts! You really don't have to do anything special to mail one of these. The two in the picture were just deposited in a mailbox. They do take 64 cents. I use card stock on the back of mine, so the stamps stay on in the mail, and they are easy to write on with a regular pen.  The one thing you should NOT do is put one of these in a regular envelope. This hides them from the people who will take them out of the automated mail stream and send them to a manual operation. I have seen them go through machinery by themselves with no problem, but an envelope creates a spot for the... » Read More