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My Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List   Curated By: TooFancyArtFire.comJewelry Supplies... » Read More

Hoop fan favorite!

Hoop fan favorite Curated By: TooFancy Handmade Gifts The hoop earring dates back at least to 3000 B.C. A little while ago, I ran an unscientific poll on Facebook to see what the most popular style of earring is among the followers and fans of my page.  The hoop earring won, hands down!  I found some great creative interpretations of this ever-popular style waiting to be discovered here at Artfire. I could only pick twelve creations for my collection, and there were so many more to choose from that it was a most difficult choice.  The artisans here at Artfire are truly the most i... » Read More

Jewelry Care

Beauty products are hazardous to your jewelry...all jewelry. Perfumes, colognes, lotions, body spritzes, hairspray, etc. have chemicals that will slowly eat through any precious metal after time, cause tarnish, and deposit an unattractive buildup that will dull the sparkle and shine. Your natural body oils will do the same, but you can control what you add to it by unnatural means. Please put on your jewelry last when dressing. There are lots of jewelry cleaning products on the market. The acids in these popular cleaners are really aggressive. They will corrode the metal over time, and are equally corrosive to the stones. If there is any ... » Read More