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ArtFire's Daily Emailer Features SRAJD members in "Linked In" Collection

Woot woot!Today, August 1st, 2014, ArtFire features Naturally Nickel Free's "Linked In" Collection on their daily emailer!Donna Jo (NaturallyNickelFree) created and curates this beautiful Collection aptly named "Linked In" and today, it has been featured on the ArtFire Daily Emailer, showcasing 12 Artists from ArtFire's SRAJD Community!I quote Donna Jo in her explanation of this great Collection:"Wraps, coils, spirals, hooks - whatever it is, it brings it all together. This is what happens when the wire that holds the design together becomes the design itself. We are ArtFire's artists of SRAJD -- Self-Representing Artists in Jewelry Design."... » Read More

Artfire's handpicked Collection in the daily mailer!

Once again, I am excited to say that wiresNpliers has been one of the featured in a Hand Picked Collection of artists in the April 14, 2014 Daily Mailer!  woot woot!The item that was chosen for the Collection called Sun Dappled Waters is my Boho Bracelet named Secret Garden!This beautiful Collection was curated by Artfire's well known shop PebblesAtMyFeet"   Such an honor to be here with al these fantastic Artists!... » Read More

wiresNpliers joins other SRAJD Artists on's Front Page, today!

Woo Hoo! Front page exposure!  Below is a captured image of Artfire's Front Page today (7/26/2013). It came to my attention in the midmorning (PST) so of course my day plan has veered a bit as I do some quick promiting.Today SRAJD members were represented in a beautiful Collection named "She Wore Purple" made exclusively by Artfire's BrainofJen! Jen says ""It is said that purple uplifts and encourages creativity.  Here's some beautiful purple items from members of the ArtFire SRAJD guild to inspire you.""She Wore Purple" enjoy! ... » Read More

Let's Get Crafty on Artfire!

It’s a collaboration between Pinterest, Twitter and Artfire. Call it a challenge, call it a contest; either way Artfire is setting the bar high and tempting artists to step out of their comfort zone and learn some new crafting. Choose a craft that we’ve never done before. The winner will be paid up to $200 to learn the new craft. Our instructions are to pick and choose everything we would need to start our new craft, post them on our Pinterest accounts with a new Board named “GetCrafty” then tweet our board with the hash tag #Get Crafty and include the URL of our board. The contest closes at midnight 2-13-2013 and the wi... » Read More

A Reunion, an Auction and Jewelry Donations = fun for all.

This past weekend Oct. 6th, 2012, was my 40th High School Reunion held on the Queen Mary, in Long Beach, Calif. Alumnae came from all over the US to Long Beach. The reason the Queen Mary was chosen for our 40th Reunion was because The Queen Mary is where we held our Senior Prom, so naturally it was first choice for us. Unfortunately, my schedule did not allow for me to go, so I had to live vicariously through all of my friends and their Facebook pages, and I did just that. Conversations flowed what with the iphones, instant messaging and immediate uploading of images, so I wasn’t that sad that I couldn’t go, but it sure would hav... » Read More

Koston's Special Day, his First Holy Communion

    Recently a friend of mine contracted me to make a special rosary for her. It was to be for her 8yr old Grandson on his First Holy Communion.     She was becoming quite tired of seeing the commercially available rosaries and she wanted one that could be passed down from generation to generation. She also wanted it to be made of significant beads. Other than that, she left everything up to me.   My first order of business was to choose the beads. I wanted to use stones, and being that she wanted ‘significant’ beads I decided to use stone beads that were related to him in one way or another. He was born... » Read More

Bookmarks are coming!

~Pretty Pageholder~  (a previous bookmark) For some time now I have been making bookmarks. I started by making one for myself and then I made a couple more and listed them. They sold rather well. They started as unadorned, forged copper shapes that I bent, hammered, and shaped after which I sanded and then polished. The Original Bookmark "The One" The original bookmark, my first one, was riding in my own book until I decided to list it when a friend needed one more than I actually had for sale. Pulling it out of my book, then polishing and buffing it, I said goodbye, before it joined my other bookmarks already in the light box for their... » Read More

wiresNpliers goes Pro at ArtFire

(this post orginially posted 10/1/2010)    The name Wires 'n Pliers 'n Gems, Ohmy! was born from one of my childhood favorites and Greatest Movies of all time: The Wizard of Oz, with all of its metaphors, songs, and sayings, one of which was from Dorothy and her friends as they walked the Yellow Brick Road on their travels to The Emerald City of OZ, to find the Wizard, who had the key knowledge that would send Dorothy back home to her family in Kansas. As they entered the Dark Forest, their fears of monsters took them over, so they linked arms and proceeded into the darkened woods repeating th... » Read More