Launching a New ArtFire Blog

Launching a New ArtFire Blog

Published On: 11-09-2011 05:51pm

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Building a blog engine is somewhat complicated, as it turns out.  Blogs seem simple ( at least on the front end) but once you get into scripting, embedding, photo uploading and optimization, WYSIWYG editors, security filters, comment moderation, feeds to search engines RSS . . . and on. . . and on . . . and on, things don't seem as simple.

This post is largely just a test of the product, so I can learn how to use it.  This is one of the few tools on ArtFire developed by a team that I did not have much involvement with.  As our delivery team grows, that happens more often.

Let's see if I can insert an image.


Success! Of course it is a cute cat image, because this is after all, the internet.  The image locker is pretty slick for this product.

How about a video?

25 ways to tie a scarf.  That seems like clever viral marketing for a company that sells scarves.  Of course you could also use the fantastic scarves here on Artfire.

See, I just tested a link and an embedded video.  Clever, right?

Colors and Headers

You can do some standard formatting here as well.

Looks like the editor works well.  I'm off to explore other settings.

Enjoy the new blog engine.

Edit: testing the editing.

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By bohowirewrapped on 04/27/2012 @ 07:28am

I like your blog, Tony. You should feature more kittens.

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