Drusy Quartz

Drusy Quartz

Published On: 11-09-2011 08:16pm

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What is Drusy Quartz?

I am beginning to use Druzy Quartz for some of my jewelry pieces, I thought I should introduce the world to this hot, up-and-coming gemstone.

Drusy(or Druzy) Quartz are gemstones with a natural surface texture much like fine sugar crystals that formed millions of years ago. They are found on materials like agate or other minerals. Drusy has many different appearances. Some are tiny crystals, which gives it a soft and luminous appearance. It can have a sugar-like appearance with medium crystals, or it can have large, distinctly formed crystals.

As for color, Drusy is often dyed for brilliant hues. A process called vapor deposition adds a thin coating of titanium, which gives the Drusy a bright purple, royal blue or rainbow appearance.

A raw, uncut Drusy Quartz straight out of the mine relatively inexpensive. Once a Drusy is cut(like those used in jewelry designs), it jumps in price drastically due to the fact the cutting has to be done very carefully. The small crystals can be destroyed very easily.

Once you purchase a piece of jewelry featuring this awesome stone, it needs to be cleaned properly every once in awhile. A soft brush and a bit of warm soapy water should do the trick. Make sure to be gentle but don't worry, Drusy is 7 on the Moh's Scale of Hardness(which measures a stone's durability and hardness) which makes it pretty durable. A diamond, the worlds hardest natural stone is a 10. 

Definitely check out my shop for my Drusy offerings, I fell in love with this unique stone and have started making many designs around them.


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