Buyer's Guide - Sterling Silver

Published On: 11-09-2011 06:54pm

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Category: Metal Talk

I know that before I started making jewelry, there was a lot that I did not understand about jewelry components, and I did not always understand what I was really spending my money on when I was purchasing commercial and handmade pieces.

A few years ago, as an upcoming jewelry designer, I also learned the hard way about materials, and what works and doesn't work so well together.

Over time, I've learned some things that I know will be helpful to buyers as well as to new jewelry designers, so I have decided to make a series of videos that will explain in a way that is easy to understand, various things that buyers should be aware of when deciding to purchase handmade and commercial jewelry.

New jewelry designers can also learn from these videos, as I touch on design basics.

Enjoy this first in my series of videos and feel free to ask me questions!


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