Am I Dehydrated?

Am I Dehydrated?

Published On: 02-27-2012 07:51am

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I am a crafter, as you see above. In saying this, I want to state at the start that I get very involved in any given project, even to the point of not eating and drinking. The result? I get very hungry and thirsty.

I am probably correct in stating that I won't damage my body by delaying a meal, but am I putting my health in jeopardy by not drinking liquids for hours at a time? How can I determine if I am dehydrated?

Medical research has determined that the symptoms of dehydration are dry mouth, flushed skin, fatigue, headache and impaired physical performance. If no intervention is made, these symptoms will give way to dizziness, loss of consciousness, rapid heart rate, kidney failure and finally death. I seriously doubt these extremes will occur while I create my latest greeting card assortment.

However, to prevent dehydration, you need to take in plenty of fluids throughout the day. Since many foods contain water, drinking eight glasses of water pr day may not be necessary, but it will not hurt.

How to get enough water:

1.  Take water breaks throughout the day.

2.  Take a sip of water when you pass a water fountain.

3.  Carry a bottle of water with you in your car.

4.  Keep a water bottle with you at work.

5.  Drink a beverage with each meal.

6.  Drink more when exercising.

Do not include beverages containing caffeine (coffee, colas) or alcoholic beverages when calculating your daily fluid intake since these act as diuretics and cause water loss.



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