What Took Three Days of Photos and Editing?

What Took Three Days of Photos and Editing?

Published On: 03-26-2013 12:58am

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These delicious looking browns. I struggled all weekend taking photos and retaking photos just to get the perfect pictures of these handmade lampwork beads. After getting a good photo the next challenge was editing them. There are several different brown and I was going to wait till I had them all, but was so thrilled with the pictures turned out, I just had to post my glossy lampwork beads.

The first one today is opaque light brown 444. It is a delicious chocolate brown color that makes me think of creamy Hershey's candy bars. Here is the the solid light brown and the light brown with fine silver.

The other one I had ready is called Dark Red Brown 452. It is a scrumptious rich darker semi-sweet chocolate color. Here it is in a solid glass bead and also wrapped in fine silver.

There is one more brown called dark brown 448. I didn't make these at the same time as I thought I might get the colors mixed up. Wouldn't want that to happen. Some colors are very similar in rod form and vary from batch to batch. So I will make it next time I get a chance to torch again. I haven't had time to etch these yet, so it will be a big surprise for both of us!

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