Gemstones that Start with the Letters

Gemstones that Start with the Letters "U" "W" "Y" and "Z"

Published On: 11-13-2011 05:30pm

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Unakite – The color of unakite is mottled green and pink.

Unakite is an altered granite made up of clear quartz, green epidote and pink feldspar. 

This stone is thought to be useful in the unity of the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of a person.

White Agate – Typical colors of white agate are semi-translucent white with white to yellowish white banding.

White agate is a member of the quartz family.  It is very durable.

This stone is said to have protective properties and is often carried as a talisman.

Yellow Turquoise – Some typical colors are green, black, yellow and brown.

There are two types of stone called yellow turquoise – hard yellow is a natural stone called serpentine and is chartreuse yellow and black with tinges of red, brown, and green.  Soft yellow is sold as natural turquoise enhanced with dye to achieve a strong yellow color with a black matrix.

Zoisite – The color can be gray, blue, pink, green, brown or yellow.

There are several varieties of zoisite including tanzanite, thulite and ruby zoisite.  Thulite is pink in color because of the manganese present in the stone.  Ruby zoisite is a swirling mix of green and ruby.

Ruby zoisite is thought to help with creativity.

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