Hello, hello! :) [ migrated post from Dec 2010 ]

Hello, hello! :) [ migrated post from Dec 2010 ]

Published On: 11-28-2012 04:05am

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My apologies for being so scarce ... LOTS of things have been going on with me, two of which have been riding my life almost entirely besides my regular job, LOL!

I've been really pretty sick a lot this past year ... something that I am really not used to at all! :( This past month it had me pretty much totally drained ... totally bumming me out.

The other thing is much more exciting ... I went back to school this fall!

And it's at the college of my dreams, the Academy of Art in San Francisco! I am VERY jazzed about that!

I'm going to first work on getting an AA in Graphic Design, and then I'll work on a Master's degree in some other field after that - still can't make up my mind on what the next one will be in, rofl!

So between homework, regular work and being super ill all the time, I've had very little time to do much else, in fact I actually didn't create a lick of art for almost TWO whole months! Isn't that just horrible??


I'm just glad I'm feeling better and finally making more art again! Yay me! This image is one of my latest little ACEO doodles ... isn't she pretty? :)

Anyways, thanks for checking in on me and my shop! Hope you like what you see there, I am going to try to get more things posted in there this month for sure! :)         

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