Polishing Polymer Clay- add some shine

Polishing Polymer Clay- add some shine

Published On: 01-01-1970 12:00am

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I had wondered about them, having heard of them from othervpolymer clayes but not having much experience with power tools or the cost, I figured it wasn't worth exploring. Last week after a demo at the New Jersey Polymer Clay Guild about sanding and polishing, I got a chance to see one in action. I checked online for a price and I got one for 55 dollars(this includes shipping).

It took me a bit too get set up and realized that it needed to be clamped down at 2000-7000 rpms it bounced all over. But the difference is amazing. Hand buffing and even using the dremel don't compare.

I posted these faux rocks last year. I had sanded and hand buffed them. Still they looked drab and sort of disappointing. Just a couple seconds each at the table polisher changed them from unempressing lumps to finished beads. Can you guess which ones I used the polisher on? Do I even need to say?

This is one toy I am really glad I finally invested in.

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By Guest on 02/15/2013 @ 05:16pm

What is the name of the machine and where can I get it. Thanks. Cris

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