I've Had Unexpected Visitors!

I've Had Unexpected Visitors!

Published On: 01-05-2012 03:24am

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image I was sitting here this afternoon updating listings on my computer, and something caught my eye out the window in front of me.  To my amazement, there stood a male deer!  He was at about eye level, being in my raised rose bed out front, and he was staring at me rather intently!  I took another look, and found that he wasn't alone, there were two others, Mama deer and Youngster deer.  I watched them as they nibbled leaves off my roses (the blossoms being long gone), and had a goodly amount of dandelion and clover greens.  I very slowly crept across the room and grabbed the easy point & shoot camera, then took a few pics through the slats of the blinds.  Amazingly, they didn't stir.  They did, however, spot my orchard off the end of the house, and move in that direction, since my apples have only just ripened and not yet been picked. 

Of course I wasn't satisfied with my few shots through the blinds, so I quietly made my way out the front door and across the driveway to where I could easily see them.  They were probably no more than 30 feet from me.  The buck was standing there watching me the whole time.  I naturally have no idea what he may have been thinking as he stared, but I think that maybe he was standing watch while Mama and Youngster helped themselves to the apples. 

It was just so fascinating watching these animals tiptoeing through my yard, munching eagerly, watching carefully, listening even more so.  It was truly heartening to know that in the midst of urban living, wild animals still have a presence.  It's true, I don't exactly live in your average urban neighborhood, rather, my home is on 6 wooded acres on a dead end road (with 10 neighbors' homes) and nearly 2 miles from the center of the nearest town.  But, it's still part of suburbia, and it gives me a good feeling to know that my home can still be home to wildlife as well.


The deer did eventually think better of my creeping up on them with my camera, and turn tail and sprint down towards the pond.  I figured they were probably off through the woods then, but I went to the back of my house to look in that direction and I was surprised to see that they had encircled the large cleared area around our home, and were coming back up the hill on the other side.  As I went back to work at the computer, the deer returned to my rose garden to graze some more and entertain me with their presence.  They did finally move on, toward another neighbor's place, as they had evidently heard someone getting in their car.  The car passed by just after the deer took cover on the other side.

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