Quilting Along

Quilting Along

Published On: 01-05-2012 03:23am

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Late October 2011
As you might have guessed, I've been keeping busy quilting lately!  I've pieced a total of 6 table runners, and I've quilted half of them so far.  I've also quilted 2 out of 3 "pro bono" quilts that will go to Deseret Industries for those in need.  And, I have 2 more quilting jobs in my queue, one of which is for a wedding gift later this year.

The table runners came about because, like most quilters, I was accumulating quite a few extra pieces from quilt blocks I've made.  So, I took those and pulled out more of the same fabrics, as well as some new, and created table runners.  One is in black and white prints, all on a polka dot theme.  One is all small floral prints, pieces and blocks left over from one of my earliest quilting projects, a vest.  There is another one that is all made of "brights", you know, those brightly colored print fabrics that look so fun! Polka dots, stripes, plaids, you name it, in red, orange, yellow, blue, turquoise, and lime green.  I've also made several farmer's market table runners that feature lots of different fruit and vegie prints.


My table is covered with fabrics with all sorts of ideas spinning around for what to do with them.  I've been working on some smaller bags and portfolios.  And I have a very cool briefcase/laptop bag begun, as well.  I made myself one a number of years ago, and I love it.  Mine is a deep red faux suede with a golden yellow print lining.  The one I'm now making will be University of Washington Huskies purple with a pale butter colored lining.  Of course, the UW isn't the only university with the color purple as a team color, but I do live in the Pacific Northwest!  And, yes, I do know there are those of you who are infatuated with the color purple!

So, I have much to sew, and I will be for several more days before going on vacation with my husband.  I can't wait!  But, for now, it's off to quilt...

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