Christmas in July!

Christmas in July!

Published On: 01-05-2012 03:15am

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It's July 1st today!  And what does that mean?  I live in Western Washington, so it means that summer is almost here, yippee!  We really don't see any true summer weather here until after the 4th of July, so we're almost there!
imageBut, here on ArtFire, today is the kick-off of   With this, the lucky duckies whose code number was posted in today's Daily Collection email score a $250 credit in any PRO studio of their choice.  Any other day the winners receive $100 credit to spend, which is, of course fabulous, but $250, wow!  That's like winning the lottery, sending you right over the moon, it's a huge score!

What's that you say?  You don't know anything about this promotion on ArtFire?  Well, click right here and get yourself a code, subscribe to the Daily Collection email, and check it everyday for your code to be posted there as a winner! 

The winners today, July 1st, as well as the winners on July 25th, will win the $250 prizes and everyone in between will win the $100 prizes. Where would you spend yours if you're a "lucky duckie"? 

I don't know where the "Christmas in July" idea came from, but perhaps it was the brain child of someone who was looking for something to craft one hot July day, or maybe it was a reason to go shopping to enjoy some cool air conditioning!  Either reason makes sense, and it certainly is plausible to get a headstart on things for Christmas!  Not that I'm for decorating for Christmas in July--oh, no!  I don't think I've ever decorated any earlier than the first week in December.  But, without fail, I start coming up with lots of terrific ideas for things to make for gifts--mere days before Christmas!  Does that happen to you?  I like to make really cool things to give my family.  I've sewn clothing, not just utilitarian stuff, but original and really neat things.  I've embroidered, painted, built, cut, beaded, glued, and written handmade Christmas gifts and decorations.  Perhaps you like to do the same?  I like giving gifts that are from the heart, things I have put a bit of myself into.  Of course, this doesn't always work, as Christmas Eve is a bit too late to start handcrafting something or to make a quilt, but July would be a great time to start, wouldn't you agree?

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