I'm back!

I'm back!

Published On: 01-24-2012 07:52am

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Wow!  I'm finally back!  I live in the Seattle area, and if you're familiar with this part of the Northwest, you know that we don't see much snow.  In fact, many years go by without any snow.  But this year that is not the case.  It began snowing on Sunday the 15th.  By Wednesday, the 18th, we were hit with freezing rain, on top of  about 5 inches of snow (at my house).  I live in the woods, and awoke Thursday to no power and the crashing of tree limbs heavy laden with ice and snow, falling to the ground.  What a terrible sound!  Our area has been hit very hard, and the devastation is hard to take in.  So many trees with missing parts to them, and not neatly pruned, but ripped off, like those awful road crew "mowers" do alongside roads.  It is horrible indeed.

My power came back this evening, after a full 5 days without.  My daughter and her family came to stay with us, as their power was also off.  The grandkids helped keep everyone's spirits up and our energy levels, as well!  We were fortunate to have prepared for emergencies with a small generator, oil lamps, a dutch oven and a camp stove to cook with, and pure ingenuity in the case of my husband shoveling the snow off the deck into a big mound, into which he buried the milk jugs and other larger items that needed to keep well chilled. 

I feel like I've been disconnected for quite some time, having been unable to access my studio and my email.  But, I'm back now and raring to go!

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