Inspiring Time Away

Inspiring Time Away

Published On: 05-31-2012 06:33pm

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There is simply nothing like getting away to bring on the inspiration!  Last week my husband and I traveled down to the Oregon coast.  We have spent a fair number of summer vacations at the beaches there.  This photo is from one of our favorite beaches--sorry, but I'm not naming it!  This time we visited the town of Newport.  We had previously driven through, but never stayed there. Regrettably, I never took any photos there, mainly because it rained pretty much all week!  Not that that has stopped me before, nor does rain destroy a vacation, even to the beach! 

Our first morning in town, we decided to go see some of the local shops, since it was raining, and we were holding out for sunny days later, when we could be at the beach.  Despite the near hurricane winds that accompanied the heavy rain, and our trying to dodge the lakes (these were certainly not puddles!), we visited some of the shops at Aquarium Village.  Our favorite, by far, was Rooster's Rocks!  As you might have guessed, this was the shop of a rock hound, but not just any rock hound.  This was an older gentleman who goes by the name of Rooster, and he was most entertaining!  He was so animated in his descriptions and identification of the many rocks that he had on display, that we spent quite some time there.  We also purchased some of his agates, jaspers, and some other less common rocks.
That evening, despite the rain, which had dissipated considerably thank goodness, we headed for the beach!  We gathered a bunch of interesting rocks, wondering if we'd managed to find anything noteworthy.  We visited Rooster again the next day, and to our delight, we had found an agate and a jasper, as well as a bunch of other very cool rocks!  "Very cool" meant that they looked very interesting, but weren't of any real value as rocks go, other than to sit and look "cool".

So, keep an eye on my studio, because I'll be working on Rooster's rocks, creating some interesting jewelry pieces from them.

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