Rainy Days November Blog Carnival

Rainy Days November Blog Carnival

Published On: 12-01-2012 06:08am

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It's time, once again, for the Jewelry Artisans Community monthly blog carnival.  This month our topic is Rainy Days.

I love rainy days and we are having plenty of them here in Northern California.  This weekend, the forecasters say we're going to have record setting rain - like up to 10 inches over the next two days.  Whoa, that is a lot of rain!

The reasons I love rain are many.  As long as there isn't too much of it at one time, it's good for the earth, the trees, the plants, the lakes and rivers and it's cleansing.  I like to watch it rain.  Bonus if there's lightning and thunder included!  The sound of the pitter patter of rain on the roof is music to the ears, even when it's so loud it drowns out every other sound. 

There is nothing quite like having a fire going in the wood stove and spending a guilt free day fiddling with wire.  Sure, there are leaves that need to be raked and apples that have fallen from the tree in the yard that should be picked up, but it's raining so those are chores that can be put off for another day.

I've been spending these recent rainy days working on a new design based on Peruvian thread weaving and am really enjoying the progression as I try one thing after another while figuring out what works and what doesn't.  One of the things I love most about fiddling with wire is watching those first feeble attempts at a new design turn from something hideous into something that I'm proud of having produced. 

My first few attempts at Peruvian wire weaving didn't go so well, but I could see the possibilities which spurred my interest in carrying on.  At this point, I'm not too  concerned about how it looks, but rather learning the technique:



  Feeling a bit braver I added beads to the mix:


And, another attempt as I continue to learn my way around this weave.  Still not perfect, but I can see that things are coming along and that I'm making progress:


This rainy weekend, I'm ready to stop fiddling as my prototypes and fiddling have taught me what I need to know to turn this into a finished design and not a work in progress.

Just for fun, the early attempts that went nowhere.  Yikes!


Last, but not least, this is how Elle the black lab likes to spend a rainy day.  What a goof!


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Reader's Comments

By JewelryArtByDawn on 12/03/2012 @ 06:38am

Thank you both! It's always fun to learn a new technique even though it often means hours of practice and experimenting. Not only does that lazy Elle get belly rubs, but on top of that she's extremely ticklish, so get just the right spot and she turns into a wiggling, squirmiing lunatic!

By ShadowDogDesigns on 12/03/2012 @ 04:00am

How fascinating, Dawn - amazing to see the prototypes and how the work grew. Am looking forward to seeing your first "non-prototype". Seamus says Elle needs a long belly rub. And send some of that rain this way - an inch would be nice! Peace and joy . . . Catherine

By CatsWire on 12/01/2012 @ 07:48am

I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys rainy days like that. That pile of wire looks very familiar to me ;-) You are having fun, I can see that. And yes, Ponder said to tell Elle that she's one sexy lady! (Don't tell him I told you, but that's exactly how he likes to hang out on my desk!)

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