Painting the Elephant Bangle - Part 3

Painting the Elephant Bangle - Part 3

Published On: 12-09-2012 08:00am

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Welcome to Part 3 of the painting the elephant bangle project.  I can't believe it's already been a week since the last installment - where does the time go?  Good news; the elephants are about to make their first appearance!

A link to Part 2 for anyone who hasn't seen it or who would like to go back and take another look:  Part 2

Here's where we left off last week:


Before we get to this latest update, I thought I'd share some information about forest elephants with you.  They are not as well known as their more familiar cousins the savannah or bush elephants, nor is much known about the forest elephant compared to their larger cousins.

While researching the forest elephant, I found some interesting information about them at Cornell University's Cornell Lab of Ornitholgy site.  They are now accepted as a unique species of elephant.  Smaller in size than the bush elephant, their ears are more rounded and their tusks are straighter and thinner.  It's thought that they have straighter tusks to help them navigate through the forests.

Forest elephants are found mainly in the Congo Basin of Central Africa.  Like their larger cousins, poaching is a serious problem with perhaps up to 10% of the population lost each year.  The destruction of their forest habitat through logging is also a threat to these mysterious creatures.

The photos below show the elephants having been blocked in with  gray paint.  I'm not concerned about details at this point; mostly I'm determining how and where they will fit on this tiny canvas.  In these photos, you can also see how the elephants wrap around the bangle:

No self respecting elephant would hang out in a habitat without a watering hole - babies at play:


Butting heads or whispering sweet nothings to each other?


Momma taking care of her little one:


Taking a stroll:


The big guy:


There are some parts of the elephants that need to be cleaned up - a couple of them are too fat, but nothing a little paint can't fix!

Next week, Part 4 will see them start to come to life as more detail is added.   As always, thank you so much for joining me in this creative journey!

Reader's Comments

By EweniqueEssentials on 05/13/2013 @ 02:08pm

Thank you for including information about these rare elephants. You have given them a lush home. I like how you've captured different aspects of their daily lives. The elephants are coming to life!

By DesertCreations on 05/12/2013 @ 11:41am

Such wonderful background information about the forest elephants. This added information really makes them come to life. Thank you for sharing!

By ShadowDogDesigns on 12/13/2012 @ 01:28am

Am absolutely in awe over this, Dawn. This whole process been so fascinating!!! You are one very talented person. Thank you for letting us in on your creative process and for providing a little detail about the forest elephants. Can't wait until next week!

By TheSingingBeader on 12/09/2012 @ 06:26pm

Awww, so cute! lol, about the elephants being too fat. :)

By Guest on 12/09/2012 @ 09:37am

Woohoo - just what I have been waiting for - this is such a treat! They are absolutely fabulous, you not only paint a picture but a story that is captured in both words and in your art - loving this!

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