Mother's Day - April Blog Carnival

Mother's Day - April Blog Carnival

Published On: 04-27-2013 05:41pm

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Where does the time go?  It seems like it was just January and now Mother's Day is on the horizon.  The April topic for the Jewelry Artisan's Community blog carnival is Mother's Day.

It's a time to honor mothers for all of the care, love and sacrifice they willingly and happily make for their children.  I have always associated Mother's Day with flowers.  Maybe it's because my mother loved flowers so.



To honor my mom's memory, I dug up the tiger lily bulbs out of her garden last July and moved them to my own home (both my mom and grandmother loved tiger lilies).  It was the wrong time of year to move them and I wasn't sure if they'd survive, but they are coming up like crazy this Spring.  Now six inches tall; they should start blooming in early June.


Looking at the tiger lilies reminds me of both my mother and grandmother and their beautiful gardens.

Thoughts of flowers inspired me to work on a wire wrapped flower design.  After making many prototypes, much frustration and just enough success to keep me going, I finally have a design that I'm pleased with and that my mother would have loved.

First attempt.  Um, no, just no.


A little better, but still a long ways to go:


Cute, but lopsided:


Many attempts later:


Finally, success!


Next up, a smaller version for earrings - I imagine it's going to be fun along with another round of frustration scaling down the design to earring size.

Happy Mother's Day to mom's everywhere - enjoy your special day!

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Reader's Comments

By JewelryArtByDawn on 05/23/2013 @ 02:58am

Thank you so much! The tiger lilies do have big fat buds on them now and should start blooming any day. We're having a cold snap that is unusual for this time of year and which is probably causing them to hold back a bit. If they start to crack open this weekend, I'll take some updated photos. Per Pebbles suggestion, I'm also going to take a second look at the wire flowers and see if any are listing worthy. If not, hope to have some soon that are!

By bluemorningexpressions on 05/22/2013 @ 05:13pm

Love this post - I bet the tiger lilies are getting bigger and have fat buds on them. Time for new photos? I enjoyed the wire wrapped flowers. They look like they are not only time consuming, but a task to create. The results are amazing, however. Thank you for sharing these. Julie and Blu

By Guest on 05/19/2013 @ 02:05am

Fantastic photos and love the process you photo documented of the pendant and can't wait to see the accompanying earrings. Lisa :)

By adorebynat on 05/18/2013 @ 01:11am

I love those lilies. Beautiful and what a great way to have your mother and grandmother closer to your heart. And your wired flowers are gorgeous. I love to see the behind the scene pictures, the trials and errors, and the final result.

By craftingmemories on 05/17/2013 @ 11:46pm

The flowers are very pretty but your wire work is just beautiful. I love how you put pictures of progress on as well. I love all of them even the little one. Great job.

By luvncrafts on 05/12/2013 @ 08:49pm

What beautiful flowers. You did an awesome job on the wire wrapping! I love the final results.

By PebblesatmyFeet on 05/10/2013 @ 03:29pm

The thing about wire I've found is even when you're satisfied...the next time you try something close to a design successfully executed, it'll come out different! One thing you might consider, Dawn, is to go ahead and consider some of your prototypes actual products and list them. That way, you might find that others like a lopsided bloom or different color scheme and your creation will have a new home! I for one, while I really liked your final product, I also liked the small blue and orange flower near the top of your progression.

By JewelryArtByDawn on 05/08/2013 @ 03:33am

Love reading all of your comments - thank you! PebblesatmyFeet, I sometimes make myself crazy by going too far overboard in the pursuit of perfection. Perfection isn't possible, but I'm always nit picking and thinking how if this or that had been done better or a little differently, that the outcome would have been better. Honestly, I believe it holds me back sometimes because I get stuck making more and more prototypes and never actually listing anything because it's not good enough. Need to break that cycle, I think!

By ShadowDogDesigns on 05/07/2013 @ 10:52pm

What a beautiful creation you finally came to, Dawn. Loved seeing the progression. And so special since your Mom and Grandmother inspired the flower design (:

By craftsofthepast on 05/07/2013 @ 07:25pm

Very beautiful illustrations and instructions. Thanks for posting this link.

By PebblesatmyFeet on 05/06/2013 @ 03:55pm

I love how you've mixed your gardening and wire work in this post. I really like how you show your progress in designing your wire wrapped flower and your comments about how close your product is coming to what's in your head. I do this, too! The flower necklace with the colors you chose is a beauty.

By EweniqueEssentials on 05/01/2013 @ 02:43pm

Gorgeous flower photos! Your wire flowers are lovely, too. I like the contrast of the copper colored wire and the turquoise beads.

By DesertCreations on 05/01/2013 @ 06:22am

Tiger lilies are such wonderful flowers and your necklace pendant came out LOVELY!!! Your Mom would have loved this I am sure!!

By JewelryArtByDawn on 04/29/2013 @ 03:30am

Thank you so much to all of you for your wonderful comments. I'm so thankful that the tiger lilies are doing well and will post pics of them in bloom. I hope to give some of the bulbs to my sister someday when she's in a position have her own flower garden.

By j3jewelry on 04/29/2013 @ 02:38am

Dawn your pendand is gorgeous. It's great that you shared the how-you-got-there pics. :) I like Tiger Lilies too, and I hope you share pictures when they bloom! What a lovely way to honor your mom.

By Guest on 04/28/2013 @ 07:30pm

How lovely to have your mother's flowers living on in your garden. As to the wire flowers - I think you're on to something there. It makes a wonderful pendant.

By Laurascrafts on 04/28/2013 @ 12:59pm

What a wonderful way to think about your mother and grandmother! I liked seeing the process of the final product unfold. Of course I didn't have to go through all the attempts and frustration!! The final product is gorgeous and I can't wait to see the earrings in their final form too.

By CatsWire on 04/28/2013 @ 07:25am

The tiger lilies are a wonderful sentiment and memory. I'm sure it would make your mother smile to know you moved them. Your own flowers are a really lovely design ... and I like the lopsided one!

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