Artistic Growth - Part 3 of a Series

Artistic Growth - Part 3 of a Series

Published On: 01-21-2012 05:02pm

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For Part 3 of my series on artistic growth, jewelry artist, Jeanne of J3Jewelry shares her journey of growth with us.  Jeanne has not only grown in her craft, but in photographing her jewelry too.  Here's what Jeanne has to say on the subject:

* * * * *

My journey and my growth are far from over, but I feel like I’ve learned a lot in the almost 3 years that I’ve been doing this. All self taught, and when I see what people who have gone through formal training can produce, at times it makes me really wish I could put myself through school to learn the same skills in that type of setting. However, I am enjoying this self-taught road as well. I get to spend as much time on something as I like before I move on to the next thing that catches my fancy.

The first jewelry project that really started me on my way were these simple earrings. I took an hour long class that taught me how to do a wrapped loop, how to use pliers to open a loop to connect components together and use flush cut pliers to snip extra wire off.  Very simple stuff. Incidentally, this is what also got me hooked on Swarovski crystals.  As you can see in the picture, those are Swarovski crystal earrings. This is also one of my first photographs. I positioned the earrings in direct sunlight because I couldn’t get a picture illuminated enough to demonstrate the colors of the crystals well enough for my liking any other way. I didn’t know a thing about light boxes or indirect light at the time. I’ve come a long way since then!


A whole bunch of time, research and practice later, I have learned new techniques and better picture taking skills. Here is one of my favorite weaves and photos. Still not the best it could be picture-wise, but it was a turning point in the quality of pictures I was beginning to take. This is simply on a sheet of white copy paper in indirect sunlight. A bit of help from Photoshop lightened it just a bit and it was cropped as well.


Nowadays I use my hand made light box for a lot of my photos. I don’t always have my pieces ready to photograph during sunlight hours. The bracelet below was for a friend and I finished it up right before I was to attend a going away party for her in the evening. You can see the difference between the indirect sunlight and the light from the light box. Not necessarily bad, but different. Yes, I still have much to learn, and I’m loving every minute of it!


Thank you, Dawn, for asking me to contribute to your next blog post! I look forward to reading it when it’s posted!

* * * * *

Jeanne, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.  It's a wonderful insight into how you've grown and continue to grow as a jewelry artist.  

To see more of Jeanne's beautiful jewelry, visit J3Jewelry Artfire studio.

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By Guest on 04/13/2017 @ 03:03am

All these years later and I have pretty much given up jewelry, although I still have all my supplies and make things for people for Christmas mostly, and am now a photographer. I re-read this post and see how much I was talking about the quality of the pictures instead of the jewelry! I'm sorry about that Dawn. This was at the beginning of my photography journey. I started taking formal classes in the summer of 2013. Ironic how life goes, sometimes.

By Guest on 01/25/2012 @ 04:42pm

Great post. Love all of Jeanne's creations.

By CatsWire on 01/22/2012 @ 06:14pm

Thanks for sharing, Jeanne, very interesting!

By Guest on 01/21/2012 @ 05:53pm

Thank you Dawn, for asking me to be part of your series. I feel much honored to featured along with these other ladies of amazing talent. :)

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