New Year with a New Start!

New Year with a New Start!

Published On: 01-10-2012 03:11pm

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Our small group here is slowly growing, we have 8 women at the moment in the workshop! They are all learning new skills, and working hard. We are a small workshop in the middle of no-where basically because here for women the pickings are very very poor. We have been together for 5 years now. They all started out afraid and worried that they would not be able to learn how to do things here. It isn't hard, but to them, when they have never done much of anything it looked daunting. But slowly they have learned and found out anything is possible. They are no longer afraid of drills, sanders, machines, torches with BIG fire hehe, or anything else that I throw in the mix. The hard part is making enough money to keep them afloat! We are looking at new avenues and trying to increase our income which is tough. We have a new product, our copper, brass, alpaca and tumbaga figures, blanks and cutouts. This hopefully will help them continue to progress. I do not benefit from this financially, and I do this for the girls. They are all so sweet and definately you end up loving them all.

We welcome donations and we also welcome care packages for the young ladies. We have gotten some really neat stuff over the years. Money helps us buy equipment. We also love to get donated equipment. We use it all! Feel free to email us at beadaholic (@) for more info and the address.

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