Weekly Challenge #153: UMT v.24

Weekly Challenge #153: UMT v.24 "Jailed Johnny - by Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT"

Published On: 02-08-2014 10:31pm

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This week's challenge from The Diva's Weekly Zentangle Challenge (#153) is a UMT (Use My Tangle) called "Jailed Johnny" by Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT. 

I think it turned out fairly well. I can see the potential for using this pattern to create a butterfly/dragonfly-wing border or mandala. 

As much as I desperately wanted to add more to this Tangle, my work schedule has changed drastically and I might only have 10 minutes in a day when I'm not too tired and can maintain the focus needed to draw a steady line.
Geez... work!...such an evil four letter word. *wink*


Now onto my Aquafleur Butterfly...

The butterfly itself is complete, now I get to decide what to do for the background.  I'm considering keeping it plain but adding a small shadow beneath it, like it was flying over a white table with a light from above.  Or, I might just keep it as it is and frame it... have you noticed I have a very hard time making up my mind?! 



Reader's Comments

By Guest on 02/09/2014 @ 05:54pm

I lie both of your tiles! Great work!

By Guest on 02/09/2014 @ 01:38pm

Beautiful work! Hope someday my Tangles look this fantastic!

By Guest on 02/09/2014 @ 07:40am

Your JJ in a zendala is beautiful, I love the background. You Aquafleur is a great tile and I don't think it needs anything more.

By Guest on 02/09/2014 @ 05:03am

Love both pieces and the butterfly! Love the treatment of JJ as a mandala!

By LakeTyeDye on 02/09/2014 @ 02:58am

Thank you so much! Both tangle patterns are really fun to work with. I'm thinking of making copies of them to see what they'd be like in full color.

By Guest on 02/09/2014 @ 02:05am

Wow! Great examples of both tangles. I love what you did with the first one, so consistent it looks like a computer did it. And the second one has taken aquafleur to a new level. Great job!

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