Golf Party

Published On: 10-26-2012 05:47pm

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I love doing projects for parties ~ it's why I add many different types of items in my shop. One of those items that I've added the in last six months is place cards. It's always so neat to hear how they will be used and for what kind of party. And I love to create custom. Need more than you see in my shop? Feel free to ask if I can make more. Most often, I have the materials and can definitely fill your request.

This was the case recently when a lovely customer asked if I could make 16 dozen of the golf ball place cards ~ this listing here.

That wasabi green is one of my favorite colors of card stock to use so I knew I had more than plenty in the studio!

So I went to work and spent a day creating 192 place cards. That's what you are looking at below.

Here's a close up.

Then it was time to package them up and send them on their way.

I pride myself on the fact that within 24 hours of receiving the order, it was complete. And within 36 hours of receiving the order, it was in the mail to my customer.

I hope you will check out my items the next time you are having a party. And you can be assured that the order will be done with the highest quality of items, in a timely fashion and on it's way to you with plenty of time before your event.

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