For All My Favorite Peeps!

Published On: 03-19-2013 07:16pm

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As March busily rolls by, it's come to my attention that Easter is, quite literally, around the corner! And when thinking of Easter, I think of candy. And if you put the words Easter and candy together, how can one not think of those infamous peeps!

I have been wanting to create a card like this one for a while now. I was on the hunt for just the right stamp but every time I found one, I realized that it just wasn't quite right. So when I saw these steel die shapes, I scooped them up immediately. Finally I could create a peeps card!

I used various shades of pastel colored card stock to reflect the growing trend of multi colored peeps. How fun this would be as a friendship or birthday card for a peeps fan! Of course it would also be perfect as a whimsical Easter card too.

Here's a closer look:

I loved how this one turned out and I have more ideas running around in my head - stayed tuned to see what other peeps ideas I have in store for you!

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