Daffodil Friend

Published On: 03-28-2013 04:20pm

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I'm back with another daffodil creation. This time I used a brand new stamp and pulled out several markers for coloring and shading.

It took about five shades of yellow and three shades of green but I was happy with the final shaded result.

Like the note cards yesterday, I wanted to keep this one bright so although I did layer the image with black card stock, my thought was to use the bright yellow polka dot paper to keep things light. The simple sentiment was also deliberately chosen so this card could mean many things to many people and work for several occasions.

I checked out my daffodils in the yard yesterday and the good news is that some of them just might bloom by the weekend. It's been so cold here that I've been waiting desperately for that first peek of spring and this weekend may just do the trick.

I'm still finding more daffodil stamps so I may try my hand at another creation or two before I move on to the other ideas swirling in my head.

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