Butterfly in Rose

Published On: 04-04-2013 04:47pm

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Several months back I created some cards using the wonderful large butterfly stamp I own. And one design has been haunting me. I really wanted to create more of the same design with different colors. So I dutifully stamped off some butterflies in a rose color and then, they sat.

They sat through Christmas, through New Years, through Valentine's Day and then the whole month of March. Yesterday I said, enough was enough. Time to get these stamped butterflies onto a card.

This design appeals to me for several reasons.......
I like how I cropped down the butterfly image. You don't always need to use the full image of a stamp. I wanted the focus to be front and center right on the tightly cropped butterfly.

I also like the bit of white space as an outline to the stamped image. It's a nice rest for my eyes.

I still have more colors I want to use for this very design. My goal, in fact, is to have a card set made up of this design in 4-5 colors. Let's hope the next several colors don't take as long as this one did!

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