Welcome A New Baby Girl

Published On: 04-10-2013 04:48pm

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I am always amazed at how a card design starts off one way in my head and ends up so different as the finished product. There is no better example than today's card.

My plan was to create a standard A2 card, white base, white layer with baby images and a sentiment stamped on the base. It's a nice layout design and would work with my theme. And I really tried to create that very design.

But after I chose my sentiment, my hands went into a completely different direction.

Instead of an A2 card, I went smaller and ended up with an A1 size.

Instead of a one layer white base, I ended up with a pink base adorned with a white polka dot embossed layer.

Instead of a simple layer with just baby images, the size and shape of the image layer changed and I added an extra layer of pink.

The path from point A to point B was long and winding but it's the act of letting my hands take over for my head and going with the flow that I find enjoyable. The process of letting go of one design and letting the creative stream of consciousness have it's way is the rewarding part of creating for me.

Yes, this design is cute enough that it warrants a design for new baby boys. And I even have an adorable overalls stamp image that I plan to use. So tomorrow's creation might follow the formula a bot more carefully, but today is all about surprise and letting the creative muse guide.

Reader's Comments

By TheSingingBeader on 04/13/2013 @ 08:49pm

I put this on my Socialbliss a while back under "Say It With A Card". Your cards are very appealing. - Connie

By RefinedVintage on 04/13/2013 @ 05:40am

Yes, it is a funny thing how the creative mind really has a mind of it's own, but sometimes that leads to the best design,taking you on a path you hadn't even though of yet. Just follow your instinct and you won't go wrong. Cute card!

By ShadowDogDesigns on 04/12/2013 @ 11:28pm

Fascinating! Yes, sometimes the Muses take over and lead us to something entirely different that what we had actually planned. And what they come up with is often MUCH better than the original idea in the head (: Hurray for the Muses! Beautiful card, Laura!

By craftsofthepast on 04/12/2013 @ 10:19pm

Well, it is just the artistic touch you enjoy, I see. I think we can all share in this experience. Thanks for reminding us. Anna

By DesertCreations on 04/12/2013 @ 05:37pm

Love the new card and how it came to be. :)

By QuiltTops on 04/12/2013 @ 05:33pm

Laura, I like your thought processes. The card turned REALLY cute!!

By luvncrafts on 04/12/2013 @ 04:36pm

Pretty card!

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