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Published On: 06-17-2013 08:23pm

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I thought I'd let you peek into my studio while I'm creating a large order of place cards for an upcoming wedding.

First, the order comes in and I do a little happy dance. I love making items for others and I'm so honored when clients want to use my items for such a big day as their weddings.

Then, it's time to get down to work. This was an order for these place cards.

First things first, pull out the card stock, top layer and base.
I am a creature of habit when it comes to large orders. As I worked my way through this order, I realized that I always do every step in the same order, my way of keeping track of it all I guess.

I cut the top layers of place cards first.
I also realized that life does not occur in a vacuum so I'm juggling the order with the craziness of two kids.

This order was during finals week for my daughter. She's in 6th grade and this is the first experience she's had for finals. The process stopped here to calm her down and assure her that the finals will not be as bad as she thinks. This takes a while......

Back to work, stamp out the images.
Luckily I work on a six foot table. Comes in handy during these large orders. (Okay, so I had to clean off the table a bit first but that's another story).

Realize that it's later in the afternoon than I thought so rush off to take my daughter to lacrosse the pouring rain.....with massive traffic.....then it's dinner and homework so that's it for the day.

Start bright and early the next morning and cut out the bottom layers.
Realize that my son is still in bed and it's soon time for the bus. Take a break to get him into the morning routine and out the door. Aaaah, sweet silence in the house.

Get back to work. Now it's time to score all those bottom pieces of card stock. All place cards come scored and folded so it's easy for personalization.
Did you know that card stock has a "grain"? When I have these pieces in squares, I gently bend them one way and the other. In one direction there is a certain give while the other has resistance. I score with the grain making the final product a bit neater.

Once scored, they then all have to be folded and the fold is run over with the bone folder to make sure the fold is tight.

This process takes a good portion of the day as I juggle the dog and errands.

Kids come home, Conor has lacrosse practice so I'm off again. Then it's finishing the very last book report project of the year. Yes, he was working on finishing the night before - I won't even tell you about the crazy weekends we've been having lately!

I work best in the morning so the next morning I settle in for the final push.
Tape all the top layers to the base layer.
Go back over each and every one with the bone folder to make sure the fold is tight.
Package them in clear bags for safe travels along their way.
And finally pack them up and ship them out on the day promised.
Phew, these place cards made it through final exam hysteria, two lacrosse practices, a book report project, driving rain storms and awful traffic, and that's just the extra stuff added to the regular routine along the way!

Not every week is quite that crazy and summer vacation is soon here so life will settle into a different kind of routine. But rest assured, no matter when you need your items, your large orders are given as much care as the single card orders I receive. Every single order is treated with utmost attention to care and overall quality.

Reader's Comments

By PutmanLakeDesigns on 06/22/2013 @ 02:27am

Beautiful place cards. You work in a very organized manner. I'm sure that it helps in the final product and to you staying on schedule. Thanks for sharing! Ann

By AndreaDesigns on 06/21/2013 @ 08:54pm

Thank you so much for showing how you process your orders and your cards, thanks for sharing!

By ClaireMDesigns on 06/19/2013 @ 04:30pm

You are very organized. No wonder your shop is so successful. I also like the Celtic hearts.

By EweniqueEssentials on 06/17/2013 @ 11:21pm

The place cards are lovely! I like the Celtic heart design. You were very organized as you worked through the order, and I bet that the repetitive nature of the cutting and folding was relaxing in a way. Good job!

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