Configuration Boxes

Configuration Boxes

Published On: 04-16-2014 01:02am

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This week's Cutting Cafe Design Team project was to create a Configuration Box. I have to admit, I was both a bit excited and a bit intimidated by this project. But the templates and instructions that came with the Configuration Box Template from the Cutting Café, made it a breeze and a lot of fun! This week's Blog will have several pictures since there is so much detail to this project.

First Off, here is where you can find the Link to get the Template to make your own Configuration Box Project.


I decided to do a Configuration Box for one of my best friends who was married last Saturday. It will be part of her wedding gift. I thought this would be more unique than sending a wedding card, and it will be a keepsake for them. Her new married name starts with an "S" so you will see a couple "S's" throughout the project.  Her colors were black, white and silver so that is how I decided which colors to use.


  The base of my box which is hard to tell at this point now, was solid black cardstock. Then I used several different patterned papers in Black and white and silver.


The top frame of the box was created using a gray cardstock flocked with an elegant black velvet damask design. I trimmed the opening part of the top frame with clear rhinestones.  The outside corners of the box are assorted black and white flowers and rhinestones.


The top left box is comprised of a vintage white paper with black script writing on it. The inside edges of this box are lined with clear rhinestones. The center "wall" of the back of this box, has a Black and White Damasked designed sticker reading, "Sweet Memories" The top left and bottom right corners of this sticker have tiny white dimensional flowers. The "floor" of this box has three rhinestone floral designed stickers in Clear and black.


The bottom box contains a solid black box except for the back "wall" which is a harlequin patterned silver foil patterned cardstock On top of that I used a black scroll designed sticker that you can see at different angles peeking out behind the flower. In order to get added dimension in this box for my flower, I used an empty cardboard spool that once held my string of pearls.  I put foam dots behind it to add more dimension. I covered the front with a metallic black and silver paper and then outlined that in more bling. I popped the flower off it with more foam pop dots. I also outlined the center of the flower with clear adhesive Rhinestones. The right "wall" of the bottom box has a white pearl letter "S" for their married initial.


The center panel separating the two boxes, is a silver glitter filigree chipboard with a pearl and rhinestone flower at the end. The center dividers of the boxes are lined with black rhinestones,

The center box I reserved for one of their beautiful wedding photos. I printed it in black and white to go with the box colors. I folded two pieces of a thick cardstock into blocks and used it to pop the picture forward. I finished that off with a clear rhinestone on each side of the names and dates at the bottom and a dimension glittery chipboard heart sticker on the top right.


Tucked in the base of the frame and along the right "wall" of the photo, I added a silver glitter chipboard "S in the front here. I lined it with black rhinestones.

The fourth box I lined with a silver, black and white damask printed cardstock. I printed a vintage clock face off on cardstock. I lined that with pearls, and put rhinestone and pearl sticker in the center. I popped the clock out with foam dots. Beneath that is a black and white sticker that reads, "The Future". Beneath that is a layered glittery chipboard flower.


The top right box is made with the black cardstock. The back "wall" is a white and black dove with hearts patterned paper. This is outlined in white pearls. Above the doves is a glittery white heart popped out with foam. There is a glittery white flower beneath them. On the left "wall" of the box, there are three larger pearls. On the floor of this box is a glittery layered flower.  On the outsie frame above this box in the top right corner is a silver and white glitter and rhinestone heart reading Bridal Bliss in script.

The bottom box, is lined in a black and white striped paper. The back "wall" contains a vellum and silver sticker featuring wedding rings. I added a rhinestone to the woman's ring for a diamond. It is popped off the back with foam dots. Beneath that is a rhinestone and pearl flower sticker.  In the center between these two boxes is a silver glitter chipboard swirl coming from behind the flowers in the bottom corner.


I hope you like my version of the Configuration Box.  Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog for this week. Don't forget to check out The Cutting Café and try your own Configuration Box.

Thanks again. Happy Scrapping and Have a Blessed Day!

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By Guest on 04/18/2014 @ 10:25am

Love, love, LOVE how this came out! Christy

By Guest on 04/16/2014 @ 02:30am

this is beyond breath taking....omg omg

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