The Coyote Excuse

Published On: 11-18-2011 03:01pm

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Multi Colored Taqua Nuts with White Bone Necklace
Multi Colored Taqua Nuts with White Bone Necklace
I am 98% done with completely overhawling my shop and it has been allot of work, but well worth it, I think. I would be totally done except my camera battery died of old age and I still have a handful of pictures to do, but I am considering it done because my camera is so old that the battery needs to be special ordered and I  won't have it for at least a week.

I added the picture above because it reminds me of spring, and I like to think that that is what I have been doing - major spring cleaning.  I only added it once, but I think this is a bug, because the pictures multiply on their own...I have a can of Raid, would that help???This all started in February when I purchased a photo tent because I knew that was the weakest part of my shop - my pictures. I assumed that I would just take all my new pictures of new jewelry with the tent and proceed from there...I know myself better than that.  As soon as I got the first pictures, I knew that the whole studio needed redone. So that is what I've been doing. I think this shows the difference and here I had upgraded from gray/brown stone for a background to a cream placemat. Looks like my technology skills (NONE) caught up with me again, I can't get the images to load, but trust me when I tell you that the differences are dramatic.

I am a confessed techno-tard - I do not do technology well and I do change even less well. Getting up and going on Artfire has been a challenge for me - a REAL challenge, but here I am and now my shop even looks good. Needless to say, I am proud of myself.

I was on another web site before I came to Artfire and I know why I wasn't very successful - I had no idea what SEO was - so no one could find me and those few that did, probably ran in horror from my pictures. Maybe they weren't quite that bad - but they did not do justice to the gorgeous colors that I use like the picture above does. I used all available light and for a long time I took pictures on a grayish stone tabletop - not the right way to get vibrant colors.

In the middle of this spring cleaning, Artfire upgraded the web site - and I had my usual problems with change and technology.  I had been uploading pictures since I got onto this site and using the same program I've used for years to handle my pictures. When Artfire told me that pictures from this softwear were too big to fit - I think scissors to cut the pictures down, never does it enter my head that there is a button in my softwear for photo editing that would make them smaller - and make the white background whiter...Technology is an amazing and wonderful thing, I just wish that I were too. Our kind COO, Tony helped me with this one and I will be eternally grateful to him - I don't mess around, if you have problems, go to the top I always say.

In closing, I have a word of advice for people who take pictures of their products outside...BEWARE OF COYOTES.  I decided to see if I could finish this project up and eke just a few more pictures out of my sick battery.  I headed to the garage where I have a permanent set up for taking pictures.  The fan was creating a nice breeze, the pictures were looking stellar, the heat was bearable...then, a gentleman stopped his car at the end of my driveway and said that he had seen a large bunch of coyotes up the street and if he were me, he would close the garage.  Being the smart (but non technical) person that I am - I shut the garage, turned off the fan and came inside to write this blog...if one has any intelligence at all, one does not sit in a closed garage, even with a fan, in the middle of May in Phoenix.

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