Anyone Can Make Jewelry

Published On: 11-18-2011 03:04pm

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We were out of town a few weeks ago and my husband, the clepto, borrowed one of those magazines about the town that we were in, because he found an article that he thought that I would want to read....He may be a clepto, but I must say that he is a thoughtful one.

The article was entitled " Designing Woman" and it was about a jewelry designer and the author was a designer of vintage jewelry, who wrote articles in her spare time.  There was the usual backgroung stuff, like how she came up with her business name, and met her husband - you know, page filler.  The gist of the article though was that basically any idiot could make jewelry, but it took a brilliant businesswoman to be successful at it.

I'm not sure that I disagree with her - although just being a good and thorough business woman would probably make the grade in most markets.  I also have to admit that she had gotten her jewelry into some very impressive stores, but she never talked about that.  So I have no idea if she did this the old fashioned way...i.e. hard work, cold calls, and lots of rejection,...or if she or someone she knew, knew the right people.  That, of course, is the easy way that the majority of us do not have access to.

So here are these two women jewelry artisans, sitting outside, in low cut sun dresses...telling everyone else what great business women they were and neither one of them had on a piece of jewelry - their's or anyone else's.  They didn't even have watches or ankle bracelets on...I KNOW that I am not the brightest bulb on this planet...but I make jewelry and I NEVER, EVER leave my house without at least earrings, and usually a whole lot more.  It really made me angry to see this - here they were berating the rest of us, and they weren't smart enough to throw on a bracelet or a pair of earrings....Hello! ! We're not talking rocket science here, we're talking simple exposure and it's going to be published in a magazine in a large city.  Granted there were pictures of three or four of her creations, but she wasn't wearing anything that she had made. Now, how dumb is that.

I could be really catty here and talk about her jewelry - but I won't, I'll just state simple facts, and the fact that I tend to like big, bold, statement jewelry.  There were two pairs of earrings both of which only had simple loops connecting the parts.  There was a necklace with three very small disks, less than 1/2 inch, I would say, hanging from a commercially made chain.  I would kill for the kind of media exposure that she got with this article, and not only would I have worn some of my own jewelry, but I would have made sure that the pieces that I brought to the interview, not only said something - but I would try to bring pieces that said something in capital letters.  These kinds of opportunities do not come along every day and if they do, we as owners of our businesses have to take as much advantage of them as we can.

So I guess the point of this blog is the old stones and glass houses thingies - and if you ever, ever get this type of exposure for your business, take as much advantage of it as you possibly can. Last, but not least, never leave the house without wearing something that you have made....Have a great one....

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