Avatars Forever!

Published On: 11-18-2011 03:10pm

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I am a new member of Artfire and I am such a non techy person, that I even wrote to support my first week here, to find out exactly what an avatar is. Then I used the same picture that I had used at 1000 Markets as my banner, for my avatar here. I did this for one reason only. Continuety. Or as the powers that be here and all the web gurus would say - BRANDING  and BRAND RECOGNITION.

These things are really important even if we are only small fish - I want everyone to know that I am the guppy with the Tibetan pendant necklace, not the one with the little kitty cat. I have pictures that I would rather use now, but I won't, because I had some success on 1000 Markets and if any of those people show up here, I want them to know that they are at the same shop with the same artisan.

I read an article in "Jewelry Artist" several months ago about tweeting.  A subject that I knew nothing about then and not much more now. However, what I remember from that article is her talking about avatars...that she rarely remembered the name of people she followed on Twitter, but she always remembered their avatars.  It was the one way that she could tell that she had the right person with the jewelry that she liked.

Tonight I went on the forums, I have been here about 5 weeks now, and I do recognize several avatars - not names, because they aren't always visible, and two people who have been helpful to me and comment allot on that venue, had changed their avatars.  I did finally figure out who they were, and that is what prompted me to write this blog.  These are very well informed web sellers who are mentors, and they made this huge marketing error...they changed their branding, just when I was getting used to it.

Think long and hard before you change your avatar.  It is your visible branding and as the name suggests, branding is a permanent condition and should not be changed on a whim. You probably will never know what it will cost you in the simplest and least expensive form of recognition that we have available to us as little fish in the big pond of e-commerce.

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