Garnet Collection; Color's of Garnet's

Garnet Collection; Color's of Garnet's

Published On: 11-05-2012 05:16am

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When someone mentions the word Garnet to you it seems that everyone automatically thinks of the color red. Garnet's come in a variety of color's such as, yellow, green, orange, red and few more. Even though there are many types of garnets, there are currently 38 known garnet names and appear in many color's.
Have you ever heard of a Kanchanaburi Sapphire? It has a lovely blue color and is mined in Thailand.

I would love to show you more of the different colored Garnet's which are available on the market in which I didn't catch in this lovely collection of January Birthstone gifts to treasure for life!

Here are some of the different types of colored Garnet's available on the market:
Malawi Pinkish Orange Sapphire is mined in Malawi which is located in Southeastern Africa. This sapphire is all natural with no treatment to enhance color:
Sri Lanka Sapphire which is mined in Sri Lanka which is located in Africa. This particular gemstone has been heated to enhance color. Heating process of gemstone's is a very common type of treatment used on gemstone's.
Tanzania Orange Red Sapphire mined in Tanzania also located in Africa. This gem has also been treated.
Their is also a color changing garnet called Masasi Blue which comes in a variety of blues with different color changes. This garnet also comes from Tanzania and is a natural garnet with no treatment. Their beautiful in color with 100% color change.
This particular stone is call Umbalite Garnet otherwise known as Umba River Rhodolite Garnet that has a beautiful pinkish-purple color and is also untreated
Another garnet from Tanzania called Spessarite Garnet comes in different color's ranging from yellow to orange. This particular garnet is all natural with no treatment. color.
Here is a garnet which is mined in the United States and is all natural with no treatment called Native Sunset Garnet

A beautiful all natural with no treatment green garnet called Nambian Demantoid Garnet DMR733
Another all natural garnet with no treatment called Tsavorite Garnet is also mined in Tanzania.
VRV178 Their is a array of different colored Green Garnet's with other names, such as:
Merelani Mint Garnet VRR106 and of course we get into a variety of our red garnets. Their are numerous different garnets that range from deep red, raspberry red, brownish red and many more. Here is a another all natural garnet which is just beautiful that is called a Mozambique Red Garnet GAC026

I could go on and on showing you all the different name and color's of garnet's available. So you see, January birthstone just doesn't have to be the color red!

Major sources of garnets come from India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Russia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and now the United States. Colors vary from gemstone to gemstone with different tones and hues; their are know two gemstones alike! Garnets are a pretty durable stone with a hardness of 6.5 to 7.5; refractive index 1.72-1.94;SR

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By Guest on 09/25/2016 @ 04:51pm

I really really love them

By MaggieMays on 11/06/2012 @ 12:29am

TheSilverBear I agree and understand what your saying about their are only six formally "recognized" varieties of garnet's. As I stated in my blog their are "different names" and color's of garnet's available on the "market." Thank you for your comment.

By TheSilverBear on 11/05/2012 @ 11:27pm

Comment from a gemologist - There are only SIX formally recognized varieties of Garnet, those being - Almandine Pyrope Spessartite Grossular Andradite & Uvarovite Recognized sub varieties are - Rhodolite (an intermediary between Pyrope & Almandine) Demantoid (a variety of Andradite) Hessonite (a variety of Grossular) Malaya (an intermediary between Spessartite & Pyrope) Melanite (a variety of Andradite) Tsavorite (a variety of Grossular) Mali (an intermediary between Grossular and Andradite) Other names such as Merelani (a pale version of Tsavorite), Mint, Gooseberry, Tangerine, Anthill, Native Sunset, Masai Blue etc. are trade names invented by the gem/jewelry industry.

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