Week 1 - Stay Loose

Published On: 01-01-1970 12:00am

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Week One of my interpretive series from “How to be an Artist” by Sark.   

~ Stay Loose ~

It doesn’t just mean going to your exercise or yoga class twice a week.  I also believe it’s a frame of heart and mind.  Don’t keep your thoughts and emotions so tightly wound inside you.  It hurts you in so many ways.  Be totally aware and conscious of your bodies reaction to something that you are doing or saying or thinking; it is necessary to avoid any harmful responses or reactions physically and emotionally.

One of the wonderful artisans on Artfire, catinalife, had commented in a forum discussion about wire working and she said it’s very important to relax when working with wire, it keeps your shoulders and arm muscles from tightening up, which as some of us know is very uncomfortable and can be debilitatiing.  Oh so true as I am learning the skill of wire wrapping.  But you have to practice, practice, practice so this is very important.  I figured out that if I just release the thought of how I want that piece to look and feel, and allow the energy to move freely, I find a natural flow and I don’t get so frustrated and don’t have to remake it because the process was forced.  

Staying loose takes practice just like learning any skill and it requires you to be in tune with yourself.  It in itself is an art form.  Follow your heart.  Finding a creative, constructive and non-harmful endeavor to express yourself is a great avenue to staying loose.  Also, talk things out with someone or write in a journal to the universe.  Get a massage.  Dance.  Breathe.  Laugh a lot.  That’s what I do. 

Blessings to you All


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