Meet Nilam~Daughter of Blue Skies

Meet Nilam~Daughter of Blue Skies

Published On: 03-23-2014 12:29am

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Lisa of Pine Ridge Treasures hosts a great many challenges and Blog hops.  She also has a great Bead Destash Page where TOO MANY deals can be obtained at great prices.

Beautiful Beautiful Beads like these glass pearls come in kits or groupings.  This challenge was to obtain a kit that contained 8 and 4mm pearls in our choice of colors (orchid, blue or green) as well as 6mm glass pearls in white.  I luckily got blue for my challenge.

I LOVE PEARLS!  Any kind of pearls!  When I got these I knew I wasn't going to add too much else to them because they look EXACTLY like a spring sky with brilliant blue and white fluffy clouds.  
The question now: How to create a piece with a CRAPTON of pearls without it looking too over the top.  
The answer:  You CAN'T so add MORE bling!!!!
I started with a simple (HAH!) base of netting some miyuki bugles in the almost matching blue, and Delicas in an opaque white.  
After each row I asked:  Is it too much?  Do I care?  and continued on until I had this gorgeous piece!  I embellished it with some Swarovski crystals just to bring out the blue in the pearls.  I really wanted them to be the main attraction.  I don't like things at the back of my neck, so my collar ends just past the shoulder and continues as a single strand of pearls around the back of the neck.  I then added a large silver S hook for the clasp.

This piece is NOT for the timid.  It is large, though surprisingly not heavy.  I like to wear fabulous jewelry every day for no apparent reason.  Today I wore this piece out to my retail merchandising job with the darker blue sweater, which is plain so as not to compete.

So, here she is, Nilam!  You can learn more about or purchase by clicking her pictures.


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By Guest on 03/25/2014 @ 05:13pm

Stunning Necklace and no it is not to much.

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