Creamy Iced Coffee Drink

Creamy Iced Coffee Drink

Published On: 09-15-2012 05:33am

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I LOVE COFFEE! I miss living where there was a Tim Horton's on every block. Now I live in the sticks...Granted we do have Dunkin' Donuts, but quite honestly, the quality varies from store to store, and crew to crew. Then there is the cost and convenience factors. I don't like to wake up early. I like to get ready in 10 minutes and be out the door if I do have to wake early. I don't have the time or patience to drive out of the way for coffee. I do have a Keuring, which i love...but in the summer I want ICED Coffee.


My friend Danny sent me this recipe. It is from a blog he happens across every now and then: Craving Comfort. I was skeptical, especially about cold brewing coffee. It's basically the same concept as making old fashioned iced tea. The cold brewing of the coffee is supposed to prevent the coffee from becoming over brewed, and/or too bitter. And it works! you cold easily use just the brewed coffee with a few ice cubes and be on your happy caffeinated way.

But I am a fan of cold, creamy, extra sweet iced lattes. This recipe is a dream. I have written it STEP BY STEP. Trust me, it seems more complicated than it is!
Cold brew 1b of coffee into 1 gallon of water-this is the hardest part...not hard, just time consuming, but it makes a whole gallon of coffee concentrate, which will last a while in your fridge.

Buy a package of ground coffee (i bought Columbia espresso in a cube for like $3-tastes great)
Put the grounds into a big bowl or pitcher. Pour 1 gallon water over it (I bought spring water, so i could reuse the jug) Stir a bit.
Leave set OVERNIGHT, giving an occasional stir if you can't resist!
Line a large colander (we use the same one for spaghetti) with 2-3 layers of paper towels.
Dump the coffee mix into the colander, making sure to have a large bowl, pitcher etc under it. You cant dump it all in at maybe a quarter (or about a half inch below the top of your paper towels)...then walk away for at least 15 minutes....Continue until all the coffee is strained. If you get grounds in it, you can restrain if necessary.
Again, I used a funnel to pour the coffee concentrate back into the 1 gallon jug.
REFRIGERATE up to 1 month
THAT'S the hardest part, i promise....

Next take 1 14oz can of EVAPORATED MILK, and 1 12 oz can of sweetened condensed milk (BOTH BIG CANS) and mix them together...I put them in a large squeeze bottle and marked it SWEET CREAM!
This will also refrigerate up to a month, though i highly dounbt it will last you that long.


Take a large glass, to go cup, etc... Fill half way with Coffee concentrate.
Add several ice cubes
Fill remainder of cup up with Sweet cream mixture.
You can add a shot of chocolate syrup, or any kind of coffee flavorings, syrups, etc you want.
You can also add a crapload of ice and blend this for a frappaccino type drink.

This is so sweet and creamy and delicious. i make a jug a week!
Total cost for a large fancy coffee drink- about $6 for 4-8 large drinks!

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