Seven Deadly Sins...of cleaning your closet...

Published On: 01-11-2012 05:22pm

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I found this cartoon by Monica Sheehan from a 2001 Real Simple magazine. I'm hoping it gives you some motivation to start cleaning and getting your closet ready for Black Friday! Or not...

1. Pack a bag of clothes for the Salvation Army. Let sit by front door for five months.
2. Put aside to "fix it"...(you'll dye it black and sew on new buttons)...and never do.
3. Waste time reminiscing for two hours about fashion do's and don'ts.
4. Take existential viewpoint. Read a novel instead.
5. Save "just in case" lose 20 pounds, get invited somewhere "nice", get a "real" job, sail the seven seas.
6. Put in back in closet. It could come back in style.
7. Refuse to let go. Hold on to these shoes for some "unknown" reason.

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