Organizing My Artfire Merchandise, or ( How to get ready for Holiday guests)

Organizing My Artfire Merchandise, or ( How to get ready for Holiday guests)

Published On: 12-06-2011 02:40pm

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I have been using my guest room to store my ArtFire merchandise, shipping supplies,just about everything for my Refined Vintage Studio at Artfire. It is a small room to begin with.A fold out sofa, a vintage cedar armoire,a rattan lounge chair some small end tables & lamps a Bookcase and a vintage floor model television. I almost forgot, there is a big sailfish on the wall, that my husband caught on a vacation a few years back. This room is filled.

  Now can you imagine it also filled with boxes against the walls, in front of the bookcase and armoire and T.V.? Vintage items sitting on every available surface(waiting to be photographed and catalogued, and boxes waiting to be filled and some assembled,a huge roll of bubble wrap,tissue,Styrofoam popcorn,packaging tape, stuff everywhere. You get the picture? A big Mess. I wish I had a "before" picture to share with you!

 I have a twin sister who lives in California and every Christmas she comes for at least 2 weeks with her family to stay with us. I love having them here. We always have such a good time, everyone gets along great we all have fun together and and it really is a special time of the year.
I can't wait! Yeah!!

Normally I always have a bit of clearing out to do in the closet of the guest room, my husband tends to put papers and such in there that he plans to get filed or deal with at a later date. So of course I need to clear some space for them to put their clothes away. But this year it is all my Artfire stuff taking over the guest room.


But where to put it all?   I thought maybe my front Hall closet, but it couldn't all fit in there! After living in this house for 16 years, we have pretty much filled all the available storage. Then I got creative, I have an armoire in my living room that is holding a T.V. that no longer works and we never use it anymore so we never got around to replacing it. So Hubby took the T.V. away, and I used the T.V. shelf to stack and organize all my photographed,waiting to be purchased merchandise. I  wrapped them with tissue, boxed the items and everything is ready and waiting for the orders to come in. The boxes are labeled with what is inside, the ones awaiting assembly are stored flat on the sides of the armoire, and tissue is on a shelf with other materials. The was even a perfect place for the bubble wrap! It fit perfectly in the section that held LP records, which I moved to be with my other LP record collection.  I was motivated to get more items photographed and now they are all in one place. I did have to move a couple of boxes into the front hall closet, but it is all items that haven't been photographed yet. 


So now I  am organized. It feels so good to have it all in one place, I can easily use my living room for my shipping center. It forced me to go through all the items I have to sell, some purchased months ago and almost forgotten! Now it is all fresh in my mind, I know exactly what I have and where it is. Being organized is such a great feeling of accomplishment. The closed Armoire is  successfully holding  the key to my organization! You would never guess what is inside!

Maybe you have a  a hidden storage solution just waiting to be fully utilized like I did. You just have to take a look around your home or office space with a new perspective.

* Is every closet,cupboard,or armoire being fully used? What about under something?
* Is there any where that you can clear out some things you no longer need or use? Maybe a  
   closet in a spare bedroom?

* A corner in your garage or basement could hold clear storage bins,that will allow you to see  
   what is inside. Stacking bins come in many different sizes to organize what ever you may have.

Of course I would love to have an office in my home devoted entirely to my Artfire business, a place for everything and everything in it's place. But until then being organized is the best I can do. I would love to hear how you got organized. Any one have some creative storage solutions to share? Please, leave a comment!

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