Why I love ArtFire or (Where is the best place to sell online?)

Why I love ArtFire or (Where is the best place to sell online?)

Published On: 11-30-2011 03:28pm

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Vintage Mid Century Gold Bar Ware Highball Glasses set of  6
Artfire is the best deal around!  Where else can you pay one flat rate to sell any amount of merchandise? How about one flat rate and no insertion fees, no final fees,no percentage of your sale, no extra fees of any kind?  The only  venue I know that gives you all this and so much more is ArtFire!

ArtFire is  a sellers dream. You have tools to promote your studio, including a blog, & a Facebook application, that is included in your monthly rate. It's up to you to use them or not.

With Artfire I have learned so much about selling on the internet. I have learned from their  help guides and staff forums that provide useful information. But I have learned even more from the wonderful community of Handmade Artisans and Vintage & Supply sellers here at ArtFire.   They have helped with information and some very special people have even helped me by  doing something for free! Such as making a banner for my studio and making my signature clickable!  I have been amazed at the generous and willing community of fellow studio owners who will help you get your bussiness going.

There is the further support of joining guilds which are  made up of people with the same interests as you with the common goal in mind to help & promote their bussiness.

I love that My Refined Vintage studio  is a reflection on me. I choose the colors, the design, the overall look.  Your studio  design is completly up to you. It is fairly easy to do too, with templates that are provided. 

Google Anyalatics is  part of your resources too. ArtFire & the community will teach you about proper SEO, the tools are there for you to learn all that you can. I can check my statistics every time I go to my studio, to see where I am getting my views. I am found at the top of internet searches!! Alot! That is what we all want.  My studio is small  but I have had sales
 and the more I have to sell the greater my internet  presence and the likelyhood of my sales increasing is a given.

There are many more benefits  to joining Artfire,but I dont want this to be pages & pages long. Do the research, you will see.
You can get in on the ground floor of this selling venue. Art Fire  may not be a household word  yet, but they are growing quickly.  They have made their reputation on being a great source for Handmade items and supplies for those crafters and artists, and Vintage is their newest growing market. 

Once you visit ArtFire you will see the difference. So much more personal than Ebay. You will get the feeling that you are in a neighborhood store meeting the owner and learning about their passion. 
Items for sale will have great photos, and descriptions you will really get a good feel for the item. You can learn about the studio owner, check out their gallery and get to know who you are buying from.
You are supporting small bussiness everywhere when you shop at ArtFire. Each studio is owned by a real person, not a retail  market or wholesale co-op or a drop-ship type company, or corporation. You will be helping an individual bussiness owner succeed.
If you have ever wanted to own your own store to sell your Art or supplies for artists & crafters or if you're like me and love collecting and Vintage; ArtFire is the perfect place for you.
I love antiques and old things with history. I like the look and the style of vintage things. I always have. I use them in my home, it fits my decorating style and  I use  vintage items every day.

 It was a natural for me to want to share this with others. I have always dreamed of a store full of beautiful things for your home and you, but in todays economy a brick & mortar store is quite an investment and a quite a risk. 
Maybe someday that will be a reality, but for now,  with so many people shopping online it's a great time for having an online store, It made sense for me.

Right now ArtFire is offering a special if you are referred by someone who is at ArtFire you will get your 3rd month free and they will get one monthe free!
It's a good way to try it out and see how you like it.  The rates are $9.95 a month right now which is the best value you can find for all that you get. You can sell hundreds of items and make $thousands and you will still only pay your flat rate of $9.95. NO extra charges of any kind ever!!

You can even try a Absolutely FREE 30 day test drive to see how you like it. 

Follow this link  http://www.artfire.com/users/RefinedVintage/sell-crafts
or better yet visit my Refined Vintage  studio and follow the link  (found at the bottom right on my page), to sign up and become part of the ArtFire Community.

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