So Your Decal Won't Stick to the Wall? Try This!

Published On: 01-14-2014 06:18am

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There are many reasons why a decal may not stick to the wall.  If you have prepared your surface as described in the application instructions and your decal won't stick to the surface there can be several reasons why that might be happening.

Some of the most common reasons are:
1) Your surface has residues on it.
2) Your wall is painted with low or no VOC paints.
3) Your walls are textured and have a grainy, sandy feel.
4) Your decal or the surface may be too cold.

Today I am going to talk about those situations when the decal or the surface are cold.  During the winter months you may put your decal up on the wall and it stays stuck only for you to find it on the floor the next morning.  Don't panic!  

Think of the adhesive on the back of the vinyl as glue.  When glue is cold it will not form a tight bond.  The same can be true of the adhesive on the back of the vinyl.

I recommend in the cold winter months to gently warm the surface of the wall before applying the decal.  This will prevent any adhesion problems.

If you have already applied your decal and begin experiencing problems the decal can still be saved!  

If your decal is still partially up, hold it in place with one hand and with the other hand, gently warm over the top of the decal with a blow dryer.  Be careful not to melt you decal by using too hot of air!  You just want to warm the decal slightly and then smooth it back into place on the surface.

More times than not that will fix the problem if your adhesion problems were due to cold temperatures.

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